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things i hate

14 Jun

it’s actually funny that we have a category on the blog called “things we hate.” clearly we have opinions…

i’m sure you guys allllll know kingsley. kingsley is the man. i actually like to think of myself as kind of a female version of kingsley- if we’re really going all out though, i would like to consider myself a cross between chelsea handler and bethenny. nbd. there’s a kid at our school who sounds EXACTLY like kingsley (and looks like him too)!!  i actually am convinced he IS kingsley, and i call him that to his face.

here’s a little intro to kingsley for those of you who don’t know him. appropriately enough, it’s called things i hate. let me just take note that i also HATE birds- SO much (ironic considering i’m a vegetarian- i told you i’m a walking contradiction).

just a fewww things other things that bother me (trust me, there are many):
-wake up calls
-when people who are really cheerful wake you up
-people turning on the lights when they wake you up
-getting in a shower when it’s still wet

(side note: i’ve been working on the website at my internship and i FINALLLYYYY figured out how to do normal spaces on wordpress! yayyy)

one thing i don’t hate: YOU ALL! you’ve stuck around even though we have been baaaaad bloggers lately. we’ll get better as we get the hang of workin’ round the clock.

xo charlotte


5 May

totally forgot to post my fave spanish songs in this morning’s post. listen to these while you pregame tonight!

{ave mariá by david bisbal}

{tengo la camisa negra by juanes}

{a dios le pido by juanes}

have fuuuuun!!!!!!!

xo charlotte


14 Apr

bravo has been on a rolllll with real housewives lately. i feel like every time i turn around a new location is announced or an old location comes back. the return of real housewives of new jersey was just announced today. it’ll be back on may 16! hold up- that’s like a month away! jacqueline, teresa, and caroline are all returning to the show, but danielle is out! YAY!!! i am not a fan of danielle AT ALL! she is a coke whore who was accused of kidnapping… plus she’s been engaged 19 times. is that not a mayjah red flag?! anyway, two of teresa’s family members are joining the show- her sister-in-law and cousin. i like teresa, so i’m sure i’ll (probably) like her family.

i just can’t wait for these women to get back! they are literally the craziest women ever- total wackos. trashy as eff. the upcoming season looks even trashier than the previous ones, if that’s even possible. click here to see the preview.

and here’s one of my absolute favorite clips from all of the franchises. it’s when teresa flips a table, because she’s so angry at danielle:


get excited!

xo charlotte

an oldie but goodie

3 Apr

one of my favorite animal youtube vids…SOOOO cute. you’ve probably seen it, but if you haven’t you’re missing out.


just a few laughs for you…

3 Apr

so you can lighten things up in the lib!

here are just a few of my favorite youtube videos. these ones are my favorite FALLING videos (trust me, i have mannnnny favorite youtube videos that i’ll share over time):

scarlet takes a tumble=classic

you forgot blueberries. these girls are SOO cute!

the CHANNING show

(my favorite part of this video is when she runs towards the camera at the end and covers it up. also, please note the title of the vid.)

hope these videos made you smile for at least .5 seconds on this sunday (sunday is the worst day of the week, in my opinion. i don’t know why kfc has those new commercials that say that sundays are the best day of the week and that everything good happens on sunday. FALSE).

xo charlotte

i’m over being sober…

30 Mar

i mean who isn’t??? cus you can’t regret what you don’t remember…

too bad school is kicking my ass right now and i am going to be sober for a verrrry long time :(


ps – the asian girl in the vid is me…just kiddin even tho we all look the same

waspy weds

30 Mar

happy wednesday, my darlings!

here are a few waspy finds for you on this wAsPy wEdS!

1. YesImWaspy on Twitter

i don’t agree with ALL of the tweets (some of them are a little anti-semitic slash just plain mean), but it’s funny for the most part…


2. Stuff Wasps Like

funny new blog i found this past weekend. study it if you’re a wasp wannaBEE. buzzbuzz…


3. and just for fun, my absolute all-time fave youtube video tea partay.

i may or may not be able to recite the whole video.

xo charlotte



my new obsession

28 Mar


his dance moves are SOOOOOOO cute:

this one’s my fave:

perfect stoner music:

he might be like the new sam adams but he is by far a better rapper and he’s blowing up fast….for good reason too, his lyrics are pretty legit and his beats are just relaxing. he reminds me of a leprachaun but if you’re into that kinda thing i’m sorry to inform you he’s taken by his high school sweetheart…how cute is that??? i wonder how long that’ll last though…

pce out,


rEmIxXxX seXxxX

25 Mar


womp womp womp

10 Mar

that’s the way i feel right now…my life = WOMP WoMp womp. paper due in t-15 hours and i have no motivation. mentally, i’m already on spring break. except i can’t b/c this paper is worth 33% of my grade. why do professors love to do this…seriously?? all my roommates left earlier today and are probably at home right now and i’m trying to write this paper (yeah eff me.) you know it’s bad when you sit down to write a paper and then decide to go brush your teeth for ten minutes procrastinating. anyway, back to WOMP WOMP WOMPP if you didn’t know that I was referring to dub-step then listen up because I’m going to spit knowledge (hahahah i don’t talk like that btw).

i didn’t know what dubstep was until my facebook newsfeed starting blowing up with all these youtube vids and references to it (i thought it was a type of dance…don’t judge). according to wikipedia “Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South East London. Its overall sound has been described as ‘tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals.'” get it? me neither…so i asked my good friend joanne who is obsessed with dubstep to enlighten me. she sent me a bunch of her favorite dubstep vids and at first i didn’t get the big deal, but then i listened to some more and then some more (i’ve been youtubing them for an hour instead of writing my paper)…and it’s actually pretty sweet. in my opinion, it makes some songs i liked even better and ones i hated, tolerable. it’s easier to understand dubstep when you listen to it. check it out:

According to joanne, bassnectar is the GOD of dubstep:

in case you still don’t get it, a quick summary about the differences between dubstep and similar types of music:

“Dubstep is like womp womp womp womp womp
Techno is like untz untz untz untz untz
Electronic is like bleepbleepbleepbleepbloopbleep”

and now i have to start my paper.
kill me now.