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20 May

hey everyone!  i just got back from israel last night and as happy as i am to get to finally spend time at home, it is bittersweet.  i have tons to do today because my cousin’s wedding is next weekend, so i’ll give all the details of my trip later but for now here is a song that sums up the birthright experience (i know char will love it since she loves any jewish/hebrew song).  i had such an amazing time and met really amazing people–miss you 415!

xx m


5 May

totally forgot to post my fave spanish songs in this morning’s post. listen to these while you pregame tonight!

{ave mariá by david bisbal}

{tengo la camisa negra by juanes}

{a dios le pido by juanes}

have fuuuuun!!!!!!!

xo charlotte

thank you jenny large!!!

12 Apr

for telling me that the first three minutes of the next, and final :(, harry potter movie have been leaked online!

click me click me click me

xo charlotte


i’m over being sober…

30 Mar

i mean who isn’t??? cus you can’t regret what you don’t remember…

too bad school is kicking my ass right now and i am going to be sober for a verrrry long time :(


ps – the asian girl in the vid is me…just kiddin even tho we all look the same

cutest thing i’ve ever seen…

24 Mar

everyone can learn something from this eh?


best party playlist right now

10 Mar

heyyooo we’ve been discussing what our obsessions for party songs so i decided to share some of our top picks

1. heart vacancy by the wanted (djs from mars remix)

suppper fratty, great pump up song

2.bounce by mstrkrft (feat. N.O.R.E.)

3. here i am by rick ross (feat. nelly, avery storm)

this one’s a personal favorite of one of our top followers ELLEN who is the resident hip hop/rap connoisseur

4. teach me how dougie by cali swag district

5. home by edward sharpe (whole-z remix) FAVORITE! love the remix

here are some other faves:

hope you like these, and don’t go too hard ;)

xx m

disney rated r?

6 Mar

i am OBSESSED with disney.  i may almost be 20, but my love of the classic disney movies will never die.  the one time in my life that this love has wavered was when i found out about these interrrresting questionable moments throughout the movies.  have you ever heard about these inappropriate disney symbols?

1. aladdin

if you listen closely right before “a whole new world” (which happens to be one of my favorite disney songs of all time) you will hear a CREEPY voice saying “good teenagers take off your clothes”.  apparently disney claims he is saying “good kitty, take off and go”. what disney? creeper status for sure!  not okay…

2. lion king

3. the little mermaid

i think this one is a little harder to believe, they sort of seem like a stretch but here are the claims.  on the original cover of the movie, the castle includes a “phallus-shaped tower”, which apparently happened because the detailing was rushed?

another interesting image was during ursula’s wedding.  if you look at the bishop, there is something mysterious between his tights and his tunic.  apparently this bulge is his knee, but some have interpreted it as something else…

appparently disney was sued for placing subliminal sexual messages in all three of these movies.  disney of course denies this and will not comment on the suit, but what do you guys think? could these have been a mistake? are there problems with the ideals that disney shows young children? either way it makes for an interesting investigation…

xx m


3 Mar

but this song just downright sucks…seriously wtf were you thinking?!?!

don’t worry, i still love you kim even if you’re tone deaf <3

this is mary, over and out.

so happa

3 Mar

happy thursday aka almost friday!  i’m so excited for tonight- all 3 of us are going out together!  because m and i are in different sororities and mary is unaffiliated, we typically have very different going out schedules, or at least, we end up at different events.  but not tonight!

i’m starting out my night at my sorority’s semi-annual krush event!  basically all the girls anonymously invite a boy they think is cute, and there’s a big semi-formal at one of the local bars.  should be fun!  after krush, i’ll meet up with my other two-thirds at our favorite local hotspot!  can’t wait!

i ordered 2 dresses to try for the event, but they just came yesterday and neither was cute… a little late to start from scratch!  therefore, i’m just wearing a teal rebecca taylor dress that i have in my closet with ruffles and a braided neckline.  i’ll pair the dress with some nude Pour La Victoire platforms i just got in the mail yesterday!

let’s hope it’s a fun night!  in case you’re stuck in the library, here’s one of my favorite youtube videos that shows a little peek into some of the fun that might be going down tonight!  this video also miiiight give a hint as to what sorority i’m in!

have a great night!

xoxo charlotte

a few of my favorite things

25 Feb

hi everyone!  charlotte here.  soo i just got back from a fun and delicious dinner at the local inn with my mom in my sorority and two of our closest sisters.  of course they have seen the blog (except my mom, cough cough).  one of my friends, j, gave me a hard time for being so negative and judgmental on the blog (and in life in general).  therefore, i decided to put together a POSITIVE post full of a few things that have made me happy this week (no, i’m not actually a bitter and judgmental person all the time- shocking, i know)!

1. a new real housewives location!  i am a self-proclaimed bravoholic.  aka i watch on the bravo network.  i have yet to see the premiere of this new season in miami (i know, i know- suuuuuper busy week), but i will do so asap and report back!  ohh and p.s. bethenny is back on monday!

2. the song i’ve been obsessed with for the past 2 weeks.  i play this song (“the pursuit of jappiness”) constantly and it’s driving mary crazy.  i am in love with all things jewish.  period.

3. .  absolutely hilarious.  i have gone embarrassingly far back through the archives this week.  here’s my favorite (story of my life):

bOnUs: all of the lovely readers of of this blog (aka YOU GUYS!)!  thanks so much for staying tuned!

xoxo charlotte