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body modifications

28 May

so last night i was bored and i wanted to watch a movie. somehow i ended up watching ‘modify’ on netflix instant movies which is a documentary on body modifications. as stated in the documentary, body modifications include but are not limited to: piercings, tattoos, plastic surgery, brands, scarifications etc. however, hair dying, shaving, bodybuilding and tanning are all also body modifications as well! i have dabbled in some body modifications including piercings (i have seven…if i ever lose enough weight to have a flat stomach i also want my belly pierced too. i would get one now except it just looks gross and nasty when someone has their belly pierced but doesn’t have a flat stomach) and other  things.

this documentary was kinda disturbing, not going to lie. while i’m not grossed out by people who have tons of tattoos (i think sleeves are so sexy actually.) some of the body modifications made NO sense to me. i didn’t even know they existed!!! apparently, you can get jewelry inserted under your skin, permanently so the skin becomes raised in the shape of the jewelry. you can get 3D tats/brands. you can get HORNS and sculptures inserted under your skin. you can get a metal mohawk. you can get your tongue slit (i knew that one before) as well as your penis slit (did not know that was possible..) some pics but i’ll spare you the split penis so that you won’t throw up…


or you can even go all the way, and try to transform your whole appearance to a tiger: (this is a man called stalking cat who is trying to transform himself into his totem animal (a tiger obvi)) or ‘lizardman’ who started his transformation a a philosophy project of some sort. you can google their names for more info and pics:

so as you see, these body mods are probably a little bit more extreme than what you would see walking down a street, but hey to each their own right?? who am i to judge what people find aesthetically pleasing or if they enjoy undergoing extreme amounts of pain like the people who like to suspend themselves from hooks? (this disturbs me as well…) anyway, watching this documentary was like observing a bad car accident: horribly disturbing but for some reason you can’t look away. i don’t think i will be modifying my body til i make some money (got a whole list of plastic surgeries i wanna get done…just kidding, but i wouldn’t mind lipo-ing my thunder thighs) but if you want to get some piercings or some ink go for it! you can go to for some inspiration.


rhony does morocco, day 1

28 May


heyyy girl hey!

last night, we saw the real housewives of new york arrive in morocco for a gorgeous vacation luann planned. lovelovelove where they’re staying. when i heard they were going to morocco, i automatically assumed they would be staying at la mamounia since it is out of control gorgey and over-the-top. i was surprised to see that they were staying in what appears to be some sort of very small boutique hotel slash maybe even a villa, but it looks gorgeous! love the pool area and the look of the chaise lounges surrounding the pool.

i was shocked at ramona’s and sonja’s initial reactions to morocco. ramona says, “i’m seeing poverty all around me.” that comment just actually floored me. we all know i can be a diva at times and i adore traveling to luxurious places, but i found that comment absolutely ridiculous and highly offensive. it made me really sad, actually. as someone who has spent a lot of time in africa, i couldn’t stomach that comment.

the rhony girls have been acting very entitled lately, and it’s starting to turn me off a little bit. they were on a gorgeous vacation in a beautiful hotel, and they were acting like they were being forced to stay in an inner-city housing project in detroit. despite the like 20:1 staff-to-guest ratio, sonja watched over all the luggage, because she didn’t trust the staff. then, ramona made simply absurd demands. she asked for 600 thread count sheets, hangers, dumbbells, and her damn pinot grigio (since she is a certifiable alcoholic). even worse, she asked for PEOPLE TO UNPACK FOR HER. who does that?! mariah carey, maybe, but ramona fucking singer?! also, what does sonja even have to be pretentious about? she filed for bankruptcy for god’s sake.

the hanger debacle between cindy, sonja, and ramona was just… ridiculous. “cat” to the “ty.” i was embarrassed for them. i just cannot believe that 45ish year old women argue like this. don’t they have better things to focus on? like getting ramona into rehab? then, after cindy confronts the women for talking behind her back, ramona says, “of course we were, you dumb fool. you’re acting like an asshole.” umm no ramona. i think you’re the one acting like an asshole. ramona really pissed me off the entire episode. i couldn’t believe that she and sonja just took off to go hang out at another hotel without the other girls as soon as they landed! so rude! and why were they even going to try to “get their hair and makeup done?!” they’re in morocco hanging out at a hotel by themselves… who are they trying to impress? ohh wait, jill’s gay friend brad? of COURSE jill runs into friends in morocco. such a little jewish mother! speaking of brad, the fortune teller at his party had something verrrry interesting to tell ramona. she said there’s another woman in mario’s life… what do we think about that? will something come of it?

it surprised me when i found myself actually liking luann and kelly this episode. kelly was actually pretty normal and appropriate, and she was very appreciative of all that was going on. so was alex. luann was incredibly gracious. she was a wonderful hostess and worked very hard to make sure everyone was having a great time. she even planned a fun little surprise for the other girls- she brought in morocco’s top fashion designer to make custom dresses for each woman! ramona was SO.RUDE to the designer. she said she “didn’t like the caftan look,” tried to change all of his designs, and even asked him to put a log on the fire like he was an employee of the hotel. she tries to tell everyone how to do everything. who does ramona think she is?! i mean, honestly. i’m baffled by it. clearly she thinks she’s a major celebrity or something. too bad she’s not!

wow, i sound like a bitch in this rant haha! ramona really irritated me this week, i guess. does anyone else have something to say about the episode? we’ll have to see what happens next week… 2 more episodes in morocco.

xo charlotte

the bitches are back

17 May

WOAHHHH- that’s all i have to say. last night’s season premiere of real housewives of new jersey was absolutely out of control. i blogged about the return of rhonj last month, and here’s what i said:

“i just can’t wait for these women to get back! they are literally the craziest women ever- total wackos. trashy as eff. the upcoming season looks even trashier than the previous ones, if that’s even possible.”

i was DEFINITELY right about the new season being the trashiest yet! i’m not even sure what to say about it. i literally sat in my family room with my jaw on the floor. i wished soooooo badly that i had been with friends while i watched it, because i was actually talking to, and laughing at, the tv at points.

first of all, i’m so glad that danielle is gone. she really irritated me. she was actually psychotic. who brings body guards and the mafia to a country club?! she literally thought the other housewives were going to KILL her- that would never happen, obviously.

caroline is the same. i like her- she’s strong and very family-focused. i felt sad for her when albie and chris told her they were moving out, but it’s definitely time for them to do so- they’re a little old to still be living at home. caroline is a little boring, however. i wish she would get out of he house and go to some events! while i love caroline’s son chris (he’s HILARIOUS), i am NOT a fan of jacqueline’s daughter ashley. she is so dramatic and self-centered. she can’t get her act together enough to even go to work everyday. come on, ashley. and then crying at work? and the constant whining about her mom. it’s enough, ashley…

now we’re onto the new girls. first up, we have teresa’s cousin kathy. she’s fine- a little irritating, but i don’t have much to say about her- YET. i am already a little weirded out by her husband and daughter, however. her husband is a little creepy- he constantly talks about how “hot” he is for her. they’re a little old to be talking about that in public.

and last but not least, we have melissa… ohhhh melissa. the trashiest of the whole bunch. melissa is married to teresa’s brother, but she and teresa are more like enemies than sisters-in-law. they are in constant competition. what are they competing for though?! the brother/husband’s attention?! like a strange oedipus complex or something? on last night’s episode, melissa threw this gross christening that was simultaneously over-the-top and trashy. who does shots at their child’s christening?! and the music was questionable- they played those songs like “celebration.” there was a MASSIVE fight at the christening reception. i’m still not entirely sure why the fight happened, but evvvvveryone got involved. there was table banging, people knocked over, screaming 90-year old fathers, crying children, and just general DRAMA. you can watch a snippet here on it was straight up out of control.

you have GOT to go watch this show if you haven’t seen it yet. it’s the definition of a trainwreck.

xo charlotte


14 Apr

bravo has been on a rolllll with real housewives lately. i feel like every time i turn around a new location is announced or an old location comes back. the return of real housewives of new jersey was just announced today. it’ll be back on may 16! hold up- that’s like a month away! jacqueline, teresa, and caroline are all returning to the show, but danielle is out! YAY!!! i am not a fan of danielle AT ALL! she is a coke whore who was accused of kidnapping… plus she’s been engaged 19 times. is that not a mayjah red flag?! anyway, two of teresa’s family members are joining the show- her sister-in-law and cousin. i like teresa, so i’m sure i’ll (probably) like her family.

i just can’t wait for these women to get back! they are literally the craziest women ever- total wackos. trashy as eff. the upcoming season looks even trashier than the previous ones, if that’s even possible. click here to see the preview.

and here’s one of my absolute favorite clips from all of the franchises. it’s when teresa flips a table, because she’s so angry at danielle:


get excited!

xo charlotte

sunday funday round 2

27 Mar

i’m baaaaack with some more sunday fUn! this time from the office:

xo charlotte

thank god…

25 Mar

it’s friday…

whew. this week was a struggle and a half. it’s always hard coming back from break, but this week was especially hard due to next year housing issues. i know that next week is going to be really rough due to three tests and a paper, so i figure that i better take a few hours this afternoon to relaaaaaaax.

my favorite part of the week is friday afternoons. i love snuggling under the covers in bed and watching all of the tv shows i didn’t watch during the week. this week i have real housewives of miami and oc, bethenny, and pretty little liars on tap. friday afternoons are typically the only time of the week that i watch tv, other than at the gym. as a side note, whyyyy are all the good shows (gossip girl, 90210, vampire diaries, etc.) on hiatus? so sad.

after i watch tv for a few hours, i may go to the gym, go out to dinner with friends, and go out for the night. or… i may just stay in bed and watch tv…

xo charlotte


22 Mar

hey guys! sorry we’ve been so m.i.a. we’ve been bad bloggers, but we’re getting back in the swing of things. it’s been quite jarring to be back in school. break was soo relaxing and seemed much longer than breaks usually do. we’ve had a few struggles to work through already this week, including massive (next year) housing drama. major struggles. anyway, i thought today might be a good day to post on things that have been making me happy lately. maybe this will help lighten the mood…

1. annual food show at the dining hall

we are not big fans of our school’s main dining hall. actually, we go there only for breakfast on the weekends. howevvver, today was “sample day,” which was super exciting. basically the dining hall was full of foods we don’t normally have, like sushi, fried ravioli, fresh fruit, etc. a nice break from the norm, and a fun surprise during a stressful week.

2. sh*t my dad says

i read this hilaaaaaaarious book over break. i was literally laughing out loud while reading it in the pool. the book is basically of collection of stories and quotes that a mid-twentiesish guy’s dad has said. it reminds me of chelsea handler’s books, but each story is a bit shorter than chelsea’s, so i never got bored. go get it now!

3. crime shows

new obsession that i developed over break. i loved csi in high school, but my new thing is ncis and law + order: svu. makes going to the gym so much more fun!








here’s hoping that the rest of the week goes better!

xo charlotte

surfing the channels

16 Mar

in case it isn’t already clear, i love tv.  a quality tv show has the power to make you feel sad, happy, and/or burst out laughing.  throughout my life there have been a few shows that have been so great that i will never forget them and characters that made them great.  lets take a little stroll down memory lane and see if you remember these nickelodeon classics and my personal nick faves (in alphabetical order for convenience)

  1. all that
  2. angry beavers
  3. cat dog (the inspiration for my halloween costume with mary, probably one of the better ideas in my hallo history)
  4. clarissa explains it all
  5. doug
  6. figure it out
  7. hey arnold!
  8. keenan and kel
  9. legends of the hidden temple
  10. rocket power
  11. rocko’s modern life
  12. rugrats (but obviously classic rugrats, not all grown up)
  13. the wild thornberrys (nigel was a champ)

wow, lucky number 13 :) .  anyone who doesn’t know what these shows are should check them out, most 90s children will agree that all nickelodeon shows since these have paled in comparison

xx m

real housewives rundown

15 Mar

charlotte and i are HUGE fans of the real housewives franchise, and basically anything bravo (cause andy cohen has the 411).  now my love for the real housewives started in orange county, where the drama was always new.  now with so many different locations to choose from, it’s hard to decide which are worthy of your time.  to help you out (in case you are a new you bravoholic and need to get in touch with the bravolebrities) i have created my list of my top housewives.

1. real housewives of beverly hills

  • although this was the first season of beverly hills, the lifestyle is so out of control that it has taken over my obsession of new york city.

2. real housewives of new york city

  • the “status” of these housewives is clearly extremely important, that’s why they decided to go on a reality show, obviously!  clearly the classiest of new york city socialites (sarcasm i hope you realize), they’ve “created fabulous li[ves] and love living [them]”

3. real housewives of new jersey

  • table flips, enough said. (best part starts at around 0:34)

4. real housewives of orange county

  • as my original, it will always hold a place in my heart. but, with all of the new housewives swapping and bringing the old ones back it’s getting a little hard to keep up. lets hope this season gets back to its solid roots!

the real housewives of d.c. and atlanta never hooked me.  since i haven’t really watched them i can’t say much, but in my personal opinion the other 4 win out by a landslide.  atlanta just is ridiculous.  as much as the drama in the other locations is crazy, this is just too much for me to handle.  the newest location, miami, was only so-so in it’s premiere. it’s hard going from the glamour and luxury of beverly hills to the way more ostentatious lifestyle in miami but i’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.  i guess we’ll just have to stay tuned in and see how the drama unfolds…

xx m

p.s. although no longer an official real housewife of new york, i am obsessed with bethenny frankel.  i loved her show bethenny getting married and now am hooked on bethenny ever after.  she is hilarious, actually insane, and makes us all feel like our lives are normal. definitely check it out!

all about me?

10 Mar

i know you might laugh, but this week’s episode of bethenny ever after really made me think.  i know, i know- reality tv made me think? bethenny shares her struggles about feeling like her life is all about her. she speaks openly with her husband jason about how she sometimes feels like everything they do revolves around her, and she feels guilty for that.  lately, i’ve started to feel the same way.

i have a big personality, and i LOVE making people laugh. making people laugh is my favorite thing in the entire world. i thrive off the attention i receive from it. i am very dramatic and sarcastic and love talking in general.  lately i’ve realized that i talk about myself alllll the time. i feel like i dominate most or all of the conversations i participate in. this isn’t just in conversations with friends, but also in the classroom and in conversations with people i’ve just met.

i feel like sometimes i control conversations because i want people to think i’m worth it. i don’t want to seem like a neutral person and a waste of space. while i do think that people (usually) like to hear what i have to say, i want them to think that they’re worth it too. i DO think other people are worth it and have amazing things to say.  i am such a curious person and want to know everything about everyone else. i’m starting to worry, however, that maybe sometimes this doesn’t come across. maybe people think i’m self-absorbed and only care about myself.

like bethenny, i don’t want people to get sick of me and leave. i know this might seem like a dramatic statement, but it shouldn’t be like this. i want to make a conscious effort to speak less about myself and leave room for other people to contribute to the conversation. wish me (and bethenny) luck!

xo charlotte