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time flies…

19 Jun

…when you’re having fun. or working all day, commuting and having some fun in between in my case.  sorry i’ve been completely neglecting the blog, i’m really going to try harder to post often (shout out to taylor who deserves more posts hah).  i’m going to update some stuff about life and work asap but for right now i have a quick picture and explanation for all of you.  friday char, my new friend from work caroline, our friend natalie and i went to the met and saw the alexander mcqueen exhibition.  to say it was incredible is an understatement.  because many of the pieces are from private collections, you’re technically not allowed to take pictures but i managed to sneak one in.

the lighting isn’t great (because i couldn’t turn the flash on) but i was blown away by the intricacy in every piece.  his collections are literally pieces of art and i recommend that everyone who loves fashion goes to see it.  the wait wasn’t too bad and the met in general is an amazing place to be.  i’ll be back to write more soon, i promise.  hope you all had a great weekend and father’s day!!

xx m

craving europe, part two

17 Jun

believe it or not, i have even MORE photos of europe that i want to share with you guys! once again, i stole all these photos from blogs, but i lost all the urls.

I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

xo charlotte

monday morning

6 Jun

my dream, obvs.

xo charlotte


25 May

so this is going to be another post about boys…SORRY!!!! it seems that all my posts revolve around boys…and food. probably because those are the two main loves of my life (pathetic, i know.) this post has been inspired by the fact that i have been watching a lot of movies and tv lately. (also pathetic, i know.) but some eye candy that i’ve been ogling lately:

colin egglesfield, 38, from “something borrowed”

look at those gorgeous eyes GAHH i die. my favorite hair and eye color combo…SOOOO hot.

Chord Overstreet, 22, from “glee”

much more age appropriate, but just as gorgeous. that justin bieber hair (yes, i still have bieber fever!) those eyes. those lips. and even sexier…HE SINGS. i wish he would sing me to sleep at night…too bad he’s dating taylor swift (but hopefully she will be writing an angry song about him soon…)

rob kardashian, 24, he’s a kardashian.

he might be a douchebag but he’s still a hot dbag! kind of also not doing anything with his life and mooching off his sisters, but he still has time before i’d actually say he’s a “loser.”besides,  he gets paid to jealous. plus his tattoo sleeves are soooo sexy. something about sleeves that i looove.

and last but not least….

SAILORS, any age, us navy

or any man serving his country (and dressed in uniform lol) perfect timing too, cus it’s fleet week!!! and you bet that the three of us shall be heading to the city to creep on these hotties ;)

can’t wait,


guess who’s meeting up today?!

24 May

WE ARE WE ARE! i can’t WAIT! it’s been two and a half weeks, but it legitimately feels like FOREVER. when you go from spending 100% of your time with someone to 0% of your time with them, it’s a mayjah shock. of course we bbm constantly and blog about what we’re up to, so it’s not like we’re really out of the loop at all. still, nothing is better than being with your besties!

i’m driving out to the dirty jerz this morning (and will have my windows rolled up and doors locked so i can protect myself from the crazy rhonj housewives and the big time nj drug dealers i see on my fave show, dea). just kidding… we’re going out to lunch and then going to see something borrowed yayayay. can’t wait to see my betches! love them!

xo charlotte

golan heights

21 May

because i have so many stories/memories/amazing places to talk about from my trip to israel, i decided to divide my trip into multiple posts of the different areas we visited.  with obama’s recent policy speech recommending that israel return to the pre-1967 borders, my time in the golan heights seems very appropriate (because in the map which is seen in the articles, the golan would no longer be in the border).  before my trip i knew some information about israel, but my view of the country was far from accurate.  i viewed israel as all desert and when i got to the golan heights i was immediately proven wrong.  this area is beautiful and full of greenery and the people that live there are amazing.  our tour guide lived in the golan heights in a moshav and i really hope that the israelis don’t lose this beautiful place.

while we were there we went on an amazing hike, went rafting in the jordan river, and visited an olive press.  this olive press had the BEST olive oil i have ever tasted and they even sell to zabar’s in nyc and to whole foods in california!  this company grows its own olives and creates the oil themselves.  you can look at all of the amazing products here.  besides making all different varieties of oil, they make incredible skincare products that you should all check out!  here are pictures of the inside of the olive oil press:

we ended our visit to this area with a gorgeous viewpoint at mt. meiron

this area was amazing and i will never forget my experiences there, i already miss it.  look out for my next post on jerusalem!

xx m

pin it!

19 May

the other day, my best friend cat introduced me to a new website called pinterest. i had zero idea what she was talking about when she first brought it up, but within like 2 days, i was HOOKED.

pinterest is SUCH a cool website. it’s a little hard to explain, so i’ll include some photos in order to do so. here’s how the company describes it:

once you sign up for pinterest, you drag “pin it” to your bookmarks bar. then you go around the internet and grab/pin images you want from any website. note that you don’t have to be logged into pinterest for your computer to upload the photos. you put the images into a designated board, and it creates really cool inspiration boards for you.

you can create as many different boards as you want. i currently have 7 boards: images, food and drinks, for the home, my style pinboard, books worth reading, favorite places and spaces, products i love. anyone who uses pinterest can see what you pin, and they can repin your photos, like them, or comment on them. in this way, pinterest functions like a social networking site. like on facebook, you have a minifeed with recent images you and your followers have pinned.

this sounds very confusing, but i promise that it’s not difficult AT ALL. it’s not a lot of work to pin images, but the final product is completely worth it. even i can figure it out, and i can’t even upload pictures to facebook! it’s really an amazing website, so you should definitely check it out! let me know if you try it out or need an invite! if you sign up, be sure to follow me!

xo charlotte


18 May

swizzles is not just the name of my favorite drink (i LOVE rum swizzles– aka bermuda’s national drink). swizzles is also the name of the new fro-yo shop that just opened up in my town! i’ve been there twice already, and it’s SOO good!

my town has FINALLY gotten its act together and gotten a fro-yo shop that’s pay-per-ounce. i’m not really sure why i’m so excited about this, because i only really like the tart flavor anyway (wait- i actually like chocolate too!). it also has tons of toppings, including healthy ones!

i like to get a mix of original/tart and chocolate (but i don’t physically mix the two flavors- they stay on opposite sides of the cup to avoid cross-contamination haha). on top, i get strawberries, blackberries, coconut, and a few m+ms. it’s SOOOOOOO good! and think of it as just like eating greek yogurt with fruit- it’s practically good for you haha!

just an exciting thing that’s happened ’round here that’s signaling that summer’s coming!

xo charlotte


16 May

to me, the absolute preppiest item out there is a barbour jacket. it’s very “old money in the country,” and it’s not pretentious at all. it’s also incredibly useful. i wear mine all the time. it’s the perfect coat for the entire fall season, but it’s especially great for when it’s raining. you’ll stay completely dry and warm underneath! note that they don’t automatically come with hoods, however! i find that SO strange and so frustrating. you can easily purchase one for like $50, but i haven’t actually gotten around to doing it yet.

the coat that all the girls have is actually the MEN’s version of the bedale. i’ve tried on some of the women’s jackets, and they fit SO differently. i find them awkwardly short and form-fitting. you want your barbour to be loose and oversized. they come in several different colors like navy and brown, but i prefer the green- i think it’s more classic. green: barbour :: orange: hermes (is that even how you do an analogy?! it’s been so long that i can barely remember). also, i like the waxed ones better than the unwaxed ones.

i’ve found that the best place to buy a barbour online is orvis. here’s a little size conversion cheat sheet for you:

happy shopping!

xo charlotte

little things

13 May

sometimes it’s really the simple things in life that make you the happiest…

-going to a night yoga class

-champagne sorbet with raspberries

-white wine

-ncis marathons

-playing doodle jump on my dad’s ipad

-shiny new magazines

-getting 3 babysitting jobs in one week (=$$$)

-fresh flowers

-going to your local pharmacy where they have your prescription ready and you can charge it to your house

-hiring an amazing lawyer who gets speeding tickets reduced to parking tickets

-having someone do your laundry and cook dinner for you

-international bbm (so we can talk to m while she’s in israel, of course!)

-udon noodles with shrimp from an amazing pan-asian restaurant

-visiting with friends you haven’t seen in years and having everything be the exact same

-taking long walks with your dog

-discovering new tv shows that are HILARIOUS (30 rock, anyone?)

-fortune cookies

-driving with the sunroof open and the windows down

-fluffy duvets

xo charlotte

p.s. what made YOU happy this week?