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6 May

take a look at how itty itty bitty i wrote on this paper. i had to squeeze an 11 page typed paper onto one and a half sheets of handwritten computer paper. sometimes it pays to have ocd and teeny tiny perfectionist handwriting that everyone says looks like a typewriter. i had to make an outline –> write a paper out of the outline –> handwrite the outline onto this one sheet of paper that i was allowed to bring to my exam –> rewrite the paper in class. this means i know A LOT A LOT A LOT about the relationship between power, racism, and privilege. in case you have any questions, ya know…

1 final left…

xo charlotte


study break

4 May

it’s finals week for a lot of schools, including ours, so i thought i’d share some of my favorite ways to relax slash take a break:

breath of joy: this is my all-time favorite yoga move. it has a three-part inhale and then a swinging exhale release. it allows you to completely fill your lungs with oxygen and then detoxify as you exhale. it’s very energizing, and i typically do it when i wake up in the morning.

go to the gym: seriously so worth it if you can squeeze it in. think of it as an hour where you can relax, burn calories, AND watch tv. watching tv is reason enough to go! it’ll help you feel better about yourself and not feel so gross for the bad food you’re probably eating (although i’ve been pretty good lately).

take a walk: our friend kimmy is notorious for “going on walks.” aka wandering around for two hours instead of doing work. if you go outside for just a few minutes, though, it can be soo refreshing and relaxing.

sudoku: it’s just insanely addicting. plus, it doesn’t feel like you’re really taking a break from work because it’s kind of intellectual, so you can trick yourself into thinking you’re not just playing a game and are actually being productive.

bloons: our newest game that amy, our fourth roommate, taught us. to say amy is obsessed with games is the understatement of the year. every time i walk into m’s and her room, she is ALWAYS playing games on her laptop or her iPhone (which she got because she soberly washed her hands while her phone was in the sink. story of her life).

good luck with work!!!

xo charlotte

studying for finaLs?!?

1 May


ps: but seriously i went to mcdonalds, dunkin donuts TWICE, pchops, ate lunch for 3 hours today, watched an hour of 16 and pregnant (also WTF IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE?!) and have yet to open my book. i have three to read by tomorrow. good luck to me on my finals. (i’m gunna need it…)

the week before finals week…

25 Apr



13 Apr

first off i’d like to apologize for being absent from the blog for so long.  i didn’t expect to be as busy as i have been, and the reason for my lack of time is primarily because of spring party weekend.  if the caps in the title don’t properly display the fact that i have strong feelings on these subjects right now, i’m telling you all that i do right now.

i am on the exec committee for spw and since october (?) i have been planning the B.o.B. concert on saturday. spw is what students look forward to LITERALLY from the second they step foot on campus in august so as much as this is fun it’s also a big responsibility.  once the artist worked out for us i (wrongly) thought that it was smooth sailing.  now, because the weather here SUCKS (i wish i could highlight this word more) and is insanely unpredictable, we’re looking at an indoor concert (the official decision was made this afternoon).

i realize that isn’t the end of the world but the best part of spw is that everything is outside and everyone is just wandering around having a great time.  now everyone can still wander around and have a great time but they’ll be doing it inside of a building which undeniably changes the vibe. whoops this turned into a total rant…

…on a HAPPIER note: tomorrow and friday are supposed to be gorgy which will be so nice for the concerts those days. and B.o.B. on saturday will still be amazing because he’s an awesome performer and everyone will be in the spw “mindset” so it won’t even make a difference :)


xx m

hit by a bus

10 Apr

we had formal last night. needless to say, this is what i’m feeling like today:

and i really don’t feel like doing anything.  i just wanna lay in my beddd…

unfortunately, i have two papers due tomorrow. #sundaystruggles.

xo charlotte

a day in the life

6 Apr

since i know you guys wait around alllll day to hear about what the three of us are up to, i thought it might be fun interesting to show you guys a little peek into a typical day for me. since my life is so fascinating and all.

8: alarm goes off. no idea where mary is. pass back out.

8:48: bolt upright and realize that i have exactly 15 minutes to shower, get dressed, and get out the door.

9:03: hop out of the shower and THROW on clothes as i literally run out the door to catch the cruiser for class (i wore color today! a pink dress! with a black sweater, black tights, and dark boots, but it’s still color and that’s big for me!)

{this is clearly a photo of me- my hair is secretly black and this is a typical outfit i would wear to class}

9:20-12:10: 3 classes in a row. nothing too interesting to report, except i did get a 98 on my approaches to social analysis quiz!

12:10-1: eat lunch, check email, catch up on the 398473 blogs i read daily.

1-2: do a lil’ work.

2-3: head to the (so gorgeous!) for an hour of cardio while watching ncis. wear lululemon spandex and sorority tee, natch.

{i was looking super toned today- don’t be tooo jealous}

3-4: play around on the computer and blog (here i am now, aka the rest of this post is what i plannn to do later tonight)

4-5: more worksicles. boooo-rang.

5-6: dinner with a bunch of friends at the mexican restaurant in town (!!!)

6-7: alcohol tutorial at sorority house (ironic photo, no?)

7-10: work, shower, whateva

10-laaate: out with frandz (aka best part of da day- can’t waittt!!!)

{go big or go home}

hope you guys enjoyed this little peak into my oh-so-faaaabulous life. it’s hard being so cool all the time.

xo charlotte