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time flies…

19 Jun

…when you’re having fun. or working all day, commuting and having some fun in between in my case.  sorry i’ve been completely neglecting the blog, i’m really going to try harder to post often (shout out to taylor who deserves more posts hah).  i’m going to update some stuff about life and work asap but for right now i have a quick picture and explanation for all of you.  friday char, my new friend from work caroline, our friend natalie and i went to the met and saw the alexander mcqueen exhibition.  to say it was incredible is an understatement.  because many of the pieces are from private collections, you’re technically not allowed to take pictures but i managed to sneak one in.

the lighting isn’t great (because i couldn’t turn the flash on) but i was blown away by the intricacy in every piece.  his collections are literally pieces of art and i recommend that everyone who loves fashion goes to see it.  the wait wasn’t too bad and the met in general is an amazing place to be.  i’ll be back to write more soon, i promise.  hope you all had a great weekend and father’s day!!

xx m

things i hate

14 Jun

it’s actually funny that we have a category on the blog called “things we hate.” clearly we have opinions…

i’m sure you guys allllll know kingsley. kingsley is the man. i actually like to think of myself as kind of a female version of kingsley- if we’re really going all out though, i would like to consider myself a cross between chelsea handler and bethenny. nbd. there’s a kid at our school who sounds EXACTLY like kingsley (and looks like him too)!!  i actually am convinced he IS kingsley, and i call him that to his face.

here’s a little intro to kingsley for those of you who don’t know him. appropriately enough, it’s called things i hate. let me just take note that i also HATE birds- SO much (ironic considering i’m a vegetarian- i told you i’m a walking contradiction).

just a fewww things other things that bother me (trust me, there are many):
-wake up calls
-when people who are really cheerful wake you up
-people turning on the lights when they wake you up
-getting in a shower when it’s still wet

(side note: i’ve been working on the website at my internship and i FINALLLYYYY figured out how to do normal spaces on wordpress! yayyy)

one thing i don’t hate: YOU ALL! you’ve stuck around even though we have been baaaaad bloggers lately. we’ll get better as we get the hang of workin’ round the clock.

xo charlotte


25 May

so this is going to be another post about boys…SORRY!!!! it seems that all my posts revolve around boys…and food. probably because those are the two main loves of my life (pathetic, i know.) this post has been inspired by the fact that i have been watching a lot of movies and tv lately. (also pathetic, i know.) but some eye candy that i’ve been ogling lately:

colin egglesfield, 38, from “something borrowed”

look at those gorgeous eyes GAHH i die. my favorite hair and eye color combo…SOOOO hot.

Chord Overstreet, 22, from “glee”

much more age appropriate, but just as gorgeous. that justin bieber hair (yes, i still have bieber fever!) those eyes. those lips. and even sexier…HE SINGS. i wish he would sing me to sleep at night…too bad he’s dating taylor swift (but hopefully she will be writing an angry song about him soon…)

rob kardashian, 24, he’s a kardashian.

he might be a douchebag but he’s still a hot dbag! kind of also not doing anything with his life and mooching off his sisters, but he still has time before i’d actually say he’s a “loser.”besides,  he gets paid to jealous. plus his tattoo sleeves are soooo sexy. something about sleeves that i looove.

and last but not least….

SAILORS, any age, us navy

or any man serving his country (and dressed in uniform lol) perfect timing too, cus it’s fleet week!!! and you bet that the three of us shall be heading to the city to creep on these hotties ;)

can’t wait,


movie time

20 May

i went to see bridesmaids on monday with my best friend cat and her older sister hayley. the movie was good, but it didn’t live up to all the hype. i had heard that it was better than the hangover, which is one of my all-time favorite movies, and i definitely didn’t agree with that. i thought that all six of the main characters would have equal time in the movie, but the story line actually revolved around the relationship between two of the characters. it ended up being kind of a love story, too, but i don’t want to give too much away. don’t let me ruin the movie for you entirely, though- there were some HILARIOUS scenes (like on the airplane and in the bridal salon). it was interesting because the guys in the movie theater thought the movie was the funniest thing ever- they laughed the ENTIRE time. the girls didn’t seem to think it was as funny, probably because it strikes a little close to home (fighting for a friend’s attention).

the previews before the movie, however, were AWESOME! seriously, every trailer looked amazing! naturally i wrote the movies down on a memo in my blackberry, so here are some of the movies i can’t wait to see:

{something borrowed (already out)- i’m meeting m and mary this weekend to see it! can’t wait}

{the hangover: part II (may 26)- self-explanatory. except this time, they’re in thailand! more exotic=more fun}

{harry potter 7 part 2 (july 15)- this movie is very bittersweet for me. i’m dying to see it because ron and hermione finally get together (!!!), but i’m so sad that the series is ending}

{the help (august 12)- this was a PHENOMENAL book. if you haven’t read it yet, go get it now. it’s an inside look at black housekeepers in the South in the 1960s}

{what’s your number? (september 30)- first of all, anna faris is in this movie, and she’s hilarious. secondly, the main guy (chris evans) is super hot. this movie is about a girl who hunts down the last 20 boyfriends she’s had to see if any of them might have changed}

there’s are tons of other great movies coming out, too! can’t wait!

xo charlotte

the bitches are back

17 May

WOAHHHH- that’s all i have to say. last night’s season premiere of real housewives of new jersey was absolutely out of control. i blogged about the return of rhonj last month, and here’s what i said:

“i just can’t wait for these women to get back! they are literally the craziest women ever- total wackos. trashy as eff. the upcoming season looks even trashier than the previous ones, if that’s even possible.”

i was DEFINITELY right about the new season being the trashiest yet! i’m not even sure what to say about it. i literally sat in my family room with my jaw on the floor. i wished soooooo badly that i had been with friends while i watched it, because i was actually talking to, and laughing at, the tv at points.

first of all, i’m so glad that danielle is gone. she really irritated me. she was actually psychotic. who brings body guards and the mafia to a country club?! she literally thought the other housewives were going to KILL her- that would never happen, obviously.

caroline is the same. i like her- she’s strong and very family-focused. i felt sad for her when albie and chris told her they were moving out, but it’s definitely time for them to do so- they’re a little old to still be living at home. caroline is a little boring, however. i wish she would get out of he house and go to some events! while i love caroline’s son chris (he’s HILARIOUS), i am NOT a fan of jacqueline’s daughter ashley. she is so dramatic and self-centered. she can’t get her act together enough to even go to work everyday. come on, ashley. and then crying at work? and the constant whining about her mom. it’s enough, ashley…

now we’re onto the new girls. first up, we have teresa’s cousin kathy. she’s fine- a little irritating, but i don’t have much to say about her- YET. i am already a little weirded out by her husband and daughter, however. her husband is a little creepy- he constantly talks about how “hot” he is for her. they’re a little old to be talking about that in public.

and last but not least, we have melissa… ohhhh melissa. the trashiest of the whole bunch. melissa is married to teresa’s brother, but she and teresa are more like enemies than sisters-in-law. they are in constant competition. what are they competing for though?! the brother/husband’s attention?! like a strange oedipus complex or something? on last night’s episode, melissa threw this gross christening that was simultaneously over-the-top and trashy. who does shots at their child’s christening?! and the music was questionable- they played those songs like “celebration.” there was a MASSIVE fight at the christening reception. i’m still not entirely sure why the fight happened, but evvvvveryone got involved. there was table banging, people knocked over, screaming 90-year old fathers, crying children, and just general DRAMA. you can watch a snippet here on it was straight up out of control.

you have GOT to go watch this show if you haven’t seen it yet. it’s the definition of a trainwreck.

xo charlotte

things i’m obsessed with right now

12 May

i am an obsessive person. no, i don’t have ocd, but once i find something i like, i get REALLY into it. but then i get bored or sick of it, and i drop it forever. like food/hobby/interest a.d.d.

for example:

  • for three months straight i ate cup noodles everyday at 3:30 pm (i do not recommend this unless you are trying to gain 15+ pounds.)
  • for the three months after that i ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday at 3:30 pm instead of cup noodles.
  • for two months straight i ran at least 4 miles everyday (i wish this DID last…)
  • once i like a song i will play it on repeat….over and over again. one night last year i downloaded the song “the freshman” and played it 70 times. in one night. no joke.
  • when i watch a tv show i have to watch all the episodes from the beginning, in a row. this is unhealthy because you end up watching 12+ hours of tv in one sitting and realized the only times you moved were to eat and pee.
  • when i find a piece of clothing i like i try to wear it as much as possible without people thinking i don’t own other clothes until i get sick of it and then i never wear it again
  • i thought i was interested in painting, went and spent over $300 at michael’s on painting supplies…and have only ever painted one painting
  • same story as above, with scrapbooking…but spent only $200.
so basically, yeah when i like something i like it alot. no matter what. so here are some of my (recent) obsessions:
 “the girl with the dragon tattoo” by stieg larsson. i just finished reading it within two days because i couldn’t put it down which resulted in two very unproductive days, where i cancelled lunch plans so i could keep reading (yeah i’m a nerd). unfortunately i probably will be anti-social til i finish the next two books in the series… i’m just about to start “the girl who played with fire.”
aloe juice. it’s juice made with aloe pulp. sounds gross (yes, aloe is used to relieve sunburns etc.) but don’t judge before you tatse it. it’s actually really sweet and refreshing and the pulp has a gummy-like texture. you can find this juice at basically any supermarket or convenience store in korea…i used to drink it at least once a day when i was on vacation there a couple of summers ago but haven’t really seen it here except for specialty asian stores. however, the other day i found out fairway (basically the same thing as wholefoods and wegmans) had it!!! i’ve had it four days in a row now…so yum.
 “the blonde salad”. which is the fashion diary of the 23-year-old girl pictured above. it’s one of my new favorite blogs. she has amazing clothes, sense of style and has now become a paid professional blogger who has even come out with her own shoe line. so jealous of her life. did i mention she’s italian and lives in milan? ohhh and i forgot to tell you she has a hot boyfriend..that bitch  wish i was her…
organic dark chocolate espresso beans. the organic just means i pay double the price, but i can’t find any that are “non-organic.” but anyway, chocolate AND coffee (two of my favorite things) in one!!!! and espresso beans are less calories than the same amount of peanuts and/or raisins making this lower-cal than chocolate covered peanuts or raisins. (1 cup of beans without chocolate is 40 calories)  this is my new mid-day afternoon snack and guess what…there’s caffeine in BOTH the espresso beans and chocolate. YAY! totally my new go-to study smack…
that feeling of empowerment and self-satisfaction  of not texting someone back. self-explanatory.
so yeah, we’ll see how long it takes til i get sick of these. hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather because i know i am :)

fave ‘fits

3 May

last night was the annual met costume institute gala. this is a HUGE event that is known for the spectacular outfits its attendees wear. this year’s event was dedicated to alexander mcqueen, designer extraordinaire who died last year. literally every celebrity attends the event, all on the arms of the world’s best designers. the strangest combination to me was kanye west and tory burch. can somebody explain that to me?

here are a few of my favorite dresses from the events. i was really feeling the nudes and blush tones:

{taylor swift in j. mendel, her date}

{ashley greene in donna karan}

{jessica stam in tommy hilfiger- so feminine}

{dianna agron in michael kors, who accompanied her- i’m normally not a huge fan of red, but i really like this dress for some reason}

{jennifer hudson in vera wang- she looks AMAZING. i’m so proud of her for all of the weight she’s lost! she was gorgeous both pre- and post-weight loss, but she just radiates now}

xo charlotte

the royal wedding

30 Apr

thursday night we all had a brilliant plan to stay up until 5 am to watch the royal wedding.  unfortunately that didn’t pan out, but since we woke up yesterday everyone has had royal wedding fever.  i don’t really understand the fascination and why i have it, but i think the royal family is SO interesting.  now, instead of studying for finals like i should be, i have been reading about the history of the royal family and scouring for all of the details.  i love william and kate together, and these official portraits i just found are so cute. i should probably get back to “studying”, but in the mean time i figured i might as well blog about this obsession.  do you guys have royal wedding fever too?

xx m

just a few things

29 Apr

hiii lovelies!

sorry we haven’t been around in a while. we’ve been naughty bloggers. this week was the last week of classes, so we had MAYJAH papers due. work 24 hours a day urryday. no time for ANYTHING, including eating or sleeping haha. def no time for blogging! but i’m here today and that’s what counts!

nothing too exciting happened this week, except that m got T.W.O. (!!!) internship offers! woohoooo- we’re SOOOO happy for her! so i figured i’d just throw some random things atcha because i know a lot of you are probably drowning in work too… we still have finals coming up, after all.

what do we think of kate middleton’s dress? i certainly think it’s elegant, classic, and perfectly appropriate for a princess, but i don’t loooove it. i think it’s the boob part that actually bothers me. m said it reminded her of cone boobs haha- like madonna. i also don’t really like how the train attaches to the back of the dress. it sticks out a little too much. it’s definitely not a seamless transition. however, i LOVE kate’s sister (pippa’s) dress. so sleek and beautiful. my favorite part of it is the fabric covered buttons that run all the way down the back.

on the topic of beautiful outfits, check out this photo (mupload) i took of some of my BE.A.UUUUUU.TIFUL friends before they headed out to an event last night. (i couldn’t go because i had two papers to write). they had soooo much fun, and i hope m and mary will share some stories with you later! they are both in this photooo! guess which ones they are…

hmm what else has been going on? ohhh, speaking of photos, i thought i’d share my sister’s friend’s photography blog with you. this girl is only 15 and her photos are AMAZING!!! take a peek at some of her safari pics!

have a greatttt day!

xo charlotte

in honor of m’s post

27 Apr

i’ve realized something traumatic after reading m’s post. no, not that i won’t see my family for 5 months while i’m in australia but that  i will NOT be in here for the last harry potter movie (or m’s 20th bday!!)

HEDWIG..just kiddin’, hedwig’s dead. but seriously…THIS IS NOT OKAY. i love harry potter and daniel radcliffe even though he’s a midget (i saw his you-know-what in was kinda disturbing, not gonna lie) and ron weasley is my favorite ginger hands down.  i’m genuinely upset by this realization…HP was also a big part of my life. they’re my favorite books (esp 4, 6 & 7..i HATE 5!) which is funny because the first 3 times i tried  to read the sorceror’s stone i couldn’t even finish the first chapter. and i can’t believe i’m going to miss HP7. but it’s also weird to think that i’ve grown up at the same time as the actors in the movie. it’s weird to think that i’ve grown up as much as they have:

even neville longbottom (matthew lewis) is  HOT as long as he keeps his mouth closed is HOT. (he IS british though..enough said)

oh gosh, i remember when neville was just this chubby little nerd (this is also what people probably said about me in middle school too) and now he’s SEXY (again, minus the teeth..i’m really a teeth person. i like boys with nice teeth. teeth can really be a dealbreaker.)

anyway i’m going to try to figure out if harry potter comes out in Australia because if it doesn’t i’m not going to get to see the movie til the end of november :(