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the casey anthony verdict…

5 Jul

makes me want to vom.

my toes literally CURL to the point of pain when i think about the fact that this murderer got off free. casey completely and utterly 100% killed her daughter, caylee. here are just a FEW of the suspicious facts:

-she didn’t report her daughter’s disappearance for over a month! who does that?! if you have a baby, s/he should not be out of your sight for more than like a minute! and if your baby does go missing, you call the police and all your friends and family ASAP! babies should NOT be missing. and if they are, their disappearance should be reported IMMEDIATELY.

-while your baby is missing, you do NOT party and get tattoos saying “la bella vita.”  you search for her and you cry and you help the investigators in any way you can.

-she didn’t testify. smoke signals, smoke signals! if you are innocent, you say where you were and what you were doing!!! you do not sit in silence trying to get other people to cover for you. you are basically admitting your guilt!

-wtf was up with her mother trying to lie and say that she was the one who searched for all the murderous (?!) search terms on casey’s computer?! um, seriously? that claim was disproven in .5 seconds. how stupid are you? this is another admission of casey’s guilt, right thurr.

-her own parents claim her defense was “baseless.”

this case makes america look like a joke. everyone and their cats know that casey killed caylee. who else could have even done it?! there are like zero other possibilities. i am seriously questioning the legal system right now. and the education of the jurors slash americans in general(side note on the jury: i was shocking that 7/12 of the jury members were women. you would think that women would be extra harsh on a mother who killed her daughter). cool, america, cool.

xo charlotte (doesn’t that “xo” seem strange at the end of this post?)

craving europe, part two

17 Jun

believe it or not, i have even MORE photos of europe that i want to share with you guys! once again, i stole all these photos from blogs, but i lost all the urls.

I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

xo charlotte

things i hate

14 Jun

it’s actually funny that we have a category on the blog called “things we hate.” clearly we have opinions…

i’m sure you guys allllll know kingsley. kingsley is the man. i actually like to think of myself as kind of a female version of kingsley- if we’re really going all out though, i would like to consider myself a cross between chelsea handler and bethenny. nbd. there’s a kid at our school who sounds EXACTLY like kingsley (and looks like him too)!!  i actually am convinced he IS kingsley, and i call him that to his face.

here’s a little intro to kingsley for those of you who don’t know him. appropriately enough, it’s called things i hate. let me just take note that i also HATE birds- SO much (ironic considering i’m a vegetarian- i told you i’m a walking contradiction).

just a fewww things other things that bother me (trust me, there are many):
-wake up calls
-when people who are really cheerful wake you up
-people turning on the lights when they wake you up
-getting in a shower when it’s still wet

(side note: i’ve been working on the website at my internship and i FINALLLYYYY figured out how to do normal spaces on wordpress! yayyy)

one thing i don’t hate: YOU ALL! you’ve stuck around even though we have been baaaaad bloggers lately. we’ll get better as we get the hang of workin’ round the clock.

xo charlotte


5 Jun

last weekend, m and i booked our flights for florence! we CANNOT wait! we have a google doc of places we plan on visiting that is literally a mile long (or like 18 pages or something ridiculous like that). here are some photos of europe that are currently inspiring me. i didn’t take any of them, but i dragged them into a folder on my desktop so i lost the url’s (sorry- a lot of them are from sunsurfer, though)!

xo charlotte

movie time

20 May

i went to see bridesmaids on monday with my best friend cat and her older sister hayley. the movie was good, but it didn’t live up to all the hype. i had heard that it was better than the hangover, which is one of my all-time favorite movies, and i definitely didn’t agree with that. i thought that all six of the main characters would have equal time in the movie, but the story line actually revolved around the relationship between two of the characters. it ended up being kind of a love story, too, but i don’t want to give too much away. don’t let me ruin the movie for you entirely, though- there were some HILARIOUS scenes (like on the airplane and in the bridal salon). it was interesting because the guys in the movie theater thought the movie was the funniest thing ever- they laughed the ENTIRE time. the girls didn’t seem to think it was as funny, probably because it strikes a little close to home (fighting for a friend’s attention).

the previews before the movie, however, were AWESOME! seriously, every trailer looked amazing! naturally i wrote the movies down on a memo in my blackberry, so here are some of the movies i can’t wait to see:

{something borrowed (already out)- i’m meeting m and mary this weekend to see it! can’t wait}

{the hangover: part II (may 26)- self-explanatory. except this time, they’re in thailand! more exotic=more fun}

{harry potter 7 part 2 (july 15)- this movie is very bittersweet for me. i’m dying to see it because ron and hermione finally get together (!!!), but i’m so sad that the series is ending}

{the help (august 12)- this was a PHENOMENAL book. if you haven’t read it yet, go get it now. it’s an inside look at black housekeepers in the South in the 1960s}

{what’s your number? (september 30)- first of all, anna faris is in this movie, and she’s hilarious. secondly, the main guy (chris evans) is super hot. this movie is about a girl who hunts down the last 20 boyfriends she’s had to see if any of them might have changed}

there’s are tons of other great movies coming out, too! can’t wait!

xo charlotte

pin it!

19 May

the other day, my best friend cat introduced me to a new website called pinterest. i had zero idea what she was talking about when she first brought it up, but within like 2 days, i was HOOKED.

pinterest is SUCH a cool website. it’s a little hard to explain, so i’ll include some photos in order to do so. here’s how the company describes it:

once you sign up for pinterest, you drag “pin it” to your bookmarks bar. then you go around the internet and grab/pin images you want from any website. note that you don’t have to be logged into pinterest for your computer to upload the photos. you put the images into a designated board, and it creates really cool inspiration boards for you.

you can create as many different boards as you want. i currently have 7 boards: images, food and drinks, for the home, my style pinboard, books worth reading, favorite places and spaces, products i love. anyone who uses pinterest can see what you pin, and they can repin your photos, like them, or comment on them. in this way, pinterest functions like a social networking site. like on facebook, you have a minifeed with recent images you and your followers have pinned.

this sounds very confusing, but i promise that it’s not difficult AT ALL. it’s not a lot of work to pin images, but the final product is completely worth it. even i can figure it out, and i can’t even upload pictures to facebook! it’s really an amazing website, so you should definitely check it out! let me know if you try it out or need an invite! if you sign up, be sure to follow me!

xo charlotte

scenes of summer

14 May

{all images from we heart it}

xo charlotte

april showers…

12 May

bring may flowers!

{all images from we heart it (my newest obsession)}

xo charlotte

why must all good things come to an end?

7 May

xo charlotte


5 May

totally forgot to post my fave spanish songs in this morning’s post. listen to these while you pregame tonight!

{ave mariá by david bisbal}

{tengo la camisa negra by juanes}

{a dios le pido by juanes}

have fuuuuun!!!!!!!

xo charlotte