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guess who’s meeting up today?!

24 May

WE ARE WE ARE! i can’t WAIT! it’s been two and a half weeks, but it legitimately feels like FOREVER. when you go from spending 100% of your time with someone to 0% of your time with them, it’s a mayjah shock. of course we bbm constantly and blog about what we’re up to, so it’s not like we’re really out of the loop at all. still, nothing is better than being with your besties!

i’m driving out to the dirty jerz this morning (and will have my windows rolled up and doors locked so i can protect myself from the crazy rhonj housewives and the big time nj drug dealers i see on my fave show, dea). just kidding… we’re going out to lunch and then going to see something borrowed yayayay. can’t wait to see my betches! love them!

xo charlotte

sorry i’ve been mia

21 May

unfortunately i was not on vaca like m (so jeal, btw!) but i have just been super busy i’ve barely even had time to facebook stalk people..whaaat??? i’ve basically been working at the rehab center which is over an hour away so i wake up everyday at 9 and don’t even get home til 5 or 6 on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. some highlights working there recently have been: i got to feed flying squirrels and bottle-feed baby deer!!!! we have 9 fawns now and we’re going to move them all down to the barn soon. some downsides working there recently: one fawn diarrhead in my hand  recently—NOT FUN and i got attacked by a squirrel…some of them are SUPER aggressive!

so besides getting shit on by various animals including some squirrels and rabbits, i’ve also been picking up extra shifts at the burger joint i’ve worked at since my senior year. it sucks because i wear this visor and collared shirt and it’s so embarrassing when people i know come in to get food…the management also refuses to get the A/C fixed behind the counter where me and the other cashiers stand but the grill is right behind that so we feel all the heat from the flames. we’re not allowed to use our cell phones, or sit down, or lean on the counter. so basically it’s 5 hours of torture in over 100* weather where we are all sweating. nasty. i don’t understand why management doesn’t fix it because i’m sure customers are turned off by the fact that we are sweating all over their food…the only upside to working there is that they are the only place that will hire me back when i’m home for short intervals of time, and they work around my schedule. so i’m not complaining since a lot of my friends cannot find short term jobs. plus i’m friends with most of the other workers and i just got a pay raise!!!! woo!!!

so besides that any time i’m not sleeping, i’m seeing my friends. i haven’t seen a bunch of them still (and they are very annoyed because i keep ditching cus i have work and stuff — SORRY!!!) but i have hung out with some of them. i spent a night at marist with boof (not talking about that…). i’ve also seen bridesmaid and pirates 4D. pirates 4D = TOTALLY not worth $15. not worth the time to see it even. it sucked. period. but bridesmaid = sooooooo funny. had everything in it that i find hilarious…(aka sex, poop, and crying bitches). can’t wait to see hangover 2 and something borrowed. it’s depressing to think about though because i’m basically out $50 just in movies. why is everything so damn expensive. it just sucks cus i have to pay for all my own stuff including food, clothes and gas. fml.

besides that, today will be my sixth day as a vegetarian, and i have not been tempted by anything…yet. i have SO much to post about but just not enough time!!! i’ll try to post something funnier soon! hope everyone is having an amazing summer!!!


ps: have been obsessed with this song lately. (it might be because in one month i’ll be turning 20 ahhhhhh)

story of our lives

13 May

xo charlotte

best times of my life

11 May

before i grew up and had to start spending my summers doing slave labor internships, i used to go on amazing summer adventure trips. i went on three adventures cross country trips, and they were- hands down- the best experiences of my life.

i went on all of the trips with one of my best friends, lindsay. we spent our first summer in northern california, backpacking, surfing, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting. our next trip was to costa rica and belize, where we went surfing, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, sailing, and stayed on our own private island. our third and final trip was to ecuador and the galapagos (which was the coolest yet strangest place i have ever been because of the constantly shifting landscape- it goes from tropical forest to volcanos to lava-filled areas to beaches and more). this trip was community-service based, so we spent time in a village helping carry boulders out of a river and later building a communal dining/living area. we also went ziplining and whitewater rafting and snorkeling and did fun things like that!

{whitewater rafting=my favorite outdoor activity EVER!}

these trips were AMAZING! nothing else on earth is anything like them. everyone on the trips got SO unbelievably close. i am STILL friends with people from these trips, even though they happened years ago (we went on our first one SIX years ago). i also have made several friends at college because of mutual friends from these trips. these trips took me COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. i am a little high maintenance and “particular.” in my normal life, i don’t like not showering/being dirty, having to wash out my dirty dishes with pine needles, and filtering my water with iodine. however, on these trips, i was a completely different person. these trips made me so relaxed and empowered. they showed me the person i want to be. i was always so unbelievably, blissfully happy. i never wanted to sleep or shower because i was fearful of missing out. if you are remotely near an age that is acceptable to go on a trip like this, GO! my sister is going to turkey and greece with them this summer and i am so.jealous. i would give anything to trade places with her. hopefully i can lead the trips when i’m older!

anyway, the reason i’m writing about this today is because one of my friends from costa rica and belize, preston, is coming to visit me today! he lives in chicago but is taking a little new england road trip, so he’s staying with me for the night. so excited to see him!

{photo of us from like 5 years ago}

xo charlotte

summer fun, summer’s begun

9 May

while i am INSANELY excited about this summer and the adventures that it holds for me and for all of my friends (more on this later) it is incredibly bittersweet.  i’ve only been away from school for less than 48 hours and somehow i already miss my crazy friends.  going from spending every second together (and every second that we weren’t together, bbming each other) to living our separate lives at home is definitely going to be an adjustment.  even though the majority of our friends live close, it’s so sad to think that we won’t all be together again until senior year.  that is the thing that we’ve all been trying not to say but it’s also why leaving for summer was so much harder.  charlotte, mary, and i will all be abroad in the fall and we’ll be missing our 8d friends and the shepardson food club more than words.  i love my friends so much and it’s going to be so sad to be apart for so long BUT we had an amazing year and next year will be even more amazing!

in addition to looking forward to next year, we also have SO much to look forward to this summer!! mary will be leaving for australia (which is causing me separation anxiety already, and this isn’t even happening for 2 months!) and char and i will be spending our summers as working girls in the city (charlotte has already mapquested and our buildings are approximately a 3 minute walk apart), and our friends are planning meet ups constantly to hold us over until we’re all living together again.  before we start those adventures though, i will be leaving for my own adventure tonight!

tonight i’m going to israel and i’ll be there for 10 days! i could not be more excited about this trip.  i’ve wanted to go to israel for as long as i can remember and that wish is finally coming true :) of course when i get back i’ll have a lot more to say about this, but so far what i’m looking forward to most is climbing masada, floating in the dead sea, and riding a camel (although this won’t be my first time doing this)!! it will be such a cool experience to make new friends and explore israel! so until then, i hope everyone has an amazing 10 days and i’ll report on my adventures when i get back!!

xx m

why must all good things come to an end?

7 May

xo charlotte

i hate goodbyes.

5 May

i feel like if you really know someone, really are friends with someone, you never have to say goodbye because the next time you see each other will be like you never were apart, and you can just pick up exactly where you last saw them.


happy may!

1 May

can you believe it’s already may?! i was SHOCKED at 12:01 when my little calendar icon on the bottom of my desktop changed to 1. you might remember that my family has a little competition slash tradition on the first day of every month to see who can say two little words first. here’s a hint:

anyway, i won again! hopefully this means my luck will get me a’s on all of my finals! and maybe i’ll finally get an internship…

this weekend really hasn’t been too exciting since everyone’s been hardly working working hard for finals. on friday night, however, the three of us went out to dinner with our FOURTH roommate. we realized that we have never really mentioned the fact that we even have another roommate. her name is amy, and she’s from baltimore. it’s a little hard to describe amy, but basically she’s verrrrrrry laid back and likes to have a good time. amy is also in that photo i posted the other day!

the four of us haven’t gotten to spend much time together lately because everyone’s been so busy, so it was great that we got to all go out to dinner together on friday! we went to sumo, our absolute favorite restaurant within like a 50 mile radius haha. it’s a japanese restaurant that’s a little out of control. sometimes i think they think they’re a mexican restaurant, because they wear sombreros to sing happy birthday to people. they also shoot sake in your mouth, whether you want it or not.

we had deeeeeeeeeeelicious sushi though! amy and i each got our favorite roll, the green river roll. i can’t remember exactly what’s in it right now, but it’s basically shrimp tempura, crab, seaweed, avocado, etc. sooo yumma! we got other good food too, like spicy tuna rolls and fried ice cream. it was a great study break and definitely the most exciting thing we did all weekend.

xo charlotte

just a few things

29 Apr

hiii lovelies!

sorry we haven’t been around in a while. we’ve been naughty bloggers. this week was the last week of classes, so we had MAYJAH papers due. work 24 hours a day urryday. no time for ANYTHING, including eating or sleeping haha. def no time for blogging! but i’m here today and that’s what counts!

nothing too exciting happened this week, except that m got T.W.O. (!!!) internship offers! woohoooo- we’re SOOOO happy for her! so i figured i’d just throw some random things atcha because i know a lot of you are probably drowning in work too… we still have finals coming up, after all.

what do we think of kate middleton’s dress? i certainly think it’s elegant, classic, and perfectly appropriate for a princess, but i don’t loooove it. i think it’s the boob part that actually bothers me. m said it reminded her of cone boobs haha- like madonna. i also don’t really like how the train attaches to the back of the dress. it sticks out a little too much. it’s definitely not a seamless transition. however, i LOVE kate’s sister (pippa’s) dress. so sleek and beautiful. my favorite part of it is the fabric covered buttons that run all the way down the back.

on the topic of beautiful outfits, check out this photo (mupload) i took of some of my BE.A.UUUUUU.TIFUL friends before they headed out to an event last night. (i couldn’t go because i had two papers to write). they had soooo much fun, and i hope m and mary will share some stories with you later! they are both in this photooo! guess which ones they are…

hmm what else has been going on? ohhh, speaking of photos, i thought i’d share my sister’s friend’s photography blog with you. this girl is only 15 and her photos are AMAZING!!! take a peek at some of her safari pics!

have a greatttt day!

xo charlotte

the crazy antics of room 110

24 Apr

as an objective third party witness of the insanity that occurs in charlotte and mary’s room, i think i am the perfect person to make a short commentary on their lives as roommates

countless times a day i hear insane amounts of noise from the opposite side of my wall.  as charlotte will tell you i ALWAYS have fans on in my room so the sounds get muffled, while charlotte sits with her ear against the wall and listens to everything i have going on in my room from tv to listening to my bbm sound.  when i hear the noise through the wall, about 98% of the time it’s charlotte and mary having one of their patented fights.

just to give you a little taste of my life, one of the best fights that they’ve had this year was about food rotting.  mary has this tendency to make comments ending with “i read it, it’s true.”  during this fight, mary was trying to convince char that the fruit that she had bought 1 week ago was going to create bacteria that would make all 4 of us endlessly sick.  clearly that was an overreaction and i got to watch this argument play out.  somehow we got to the point where this happened:

“you’re a great babysitter, EVERYONE wants you to babysit.  i’m just saying maybe an ant hill isn’t the best situation for our room.  we’re merely having a heated debate” –mary

clearly these fights do not make sense, they go from rotting food to ant hills to charlotte babysitting to arguing about whether we’re having arguments.  don’t you wish you were our roommate too?

xx m