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sorry i’ve been mia

15 Jul

BUT I’M IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’ll be posting my adventures down under at 

check it out!




5 Jun

last weekend, m and i booked our flights for florence! we CANNOT wait! we have a google doc of places we plan on visiting that is literally a mile long (or like 18 pages or something ridiculous like that). here are some photos of europe that are currently inspiring me. i didn’t take any of them, but i dragged them into a folder on my desktop so i lost the url’s (sorry- a lot of them are from sunsurfer, though)!

xo charlotte

how appropriate, given this morning’s post

4 Jun


xo charlotte


23 May

hey guys! charlotte here! hope you’re all having an amazeballs monday! just wanted to pop in and let you all know that i started another blog! OF COURSE i will still be blogging here with my besties, but i kind of wanted to just try out a tumblr. the new blog is just mine. check it out here!

and, can i just say, wordpress is SO much easier to use than tumblr. woahhhhmg.


xo charlotte

pin it!

19 May

the other day, my best friend cat introduced me to a new website called pinterest. i had zero idea what she was talking about when she first brought it up, but within like 2 days, i was HOOKED.

pinterest is SUCH a cool website. it’s a little hard to explain, so i’ll include some photos in order to do so. here’s how the company describes it:

once you sign up for pinterest, you drag “pin it” to your bookmarks bar. then you go around the internet and grab/pin images you want from any website. note that you don’t have to be logged into pinterest for your computer to upload the photos. you put the images into a designated board, and it creates really cool inspiration boards for you.

you can create as many different boards as you want. i currently have 7 boards: images, food and drinks, for the home, my style pinboard, books worth reading, favorite places and spaces, products i love. anyone who uses pinterest can see what you pin, and they can repin your photos, like them, or comment on them. in this way, pinterest functions like a social networking site. like on facebook, you have a minifeed with recent images you and your followers have pinned.

this sounds very confusing, but i promise that it’s not difficult AT ALL. it’s not a lot of work to pin images, but the final product is completely worth it. even i can figure it out, and i can’t even upload pictures to facebook! it’s really an amazing website, so you should definitely check it out! let me know if you try it out or need an invite! if you sign up, be sure to follow me!

xo charlotte

so true

15 May

just read this truly inspirational quote from the dalai lama on one of the many blogs i read:

“men, because they lose their health to earn money, then they lose that money to stay healthy; they think anxiously about the future and forget the present… so they neither enjoy the present nor the future; they live as if they are never going to die and die realizing that they never really lived!”

a nice thought for a sunday.

xo charlotte

scenes of summer

14 May

{all images from we heart it}

xo charlotte