rhony does morocco, day 1

28 May


heyyy girl hey!

last night, we saw the real housewives of new york arrive in morocco for a gorgeous vacation luann planned. lovelovelove where they’re staying. when i heard they were going to morocco, i automatically assumed they would be staying at la mamounia since it is out of control gorgey and over-the-top. i was surprised to see that they were staying in what appears to be some sort of very small boutique hotel slash maybe even a villa, but it looks gorgeous! love the pool area and the look of the chaise lounges surrounding the pool.

i was shocked at ramona’s and sonja’s initial reactions to morocco. ramona says, “i’m seeing poverty all around me.” that comment just actually floored me. we all know i can be a diva at times and i adore traveling to luxurious places, but i found that comment absolutely ridiculous and highly offensive. it made me really sad, actually. as someone who has spent a lot of time in africa, i couldn’t stomach that comment.

the rhony girls have been acting very entitled lately, and it’s starting to turn me off a little bit. they were on a gorgeous vacation in a beautiful hotel, and they were acting like they were being forced to stay in an inner-city housing project in detroit. despite the like 20:1 staff-to-guest ratio, sonja watched over all the luggage, because she didn’t trust the staff. then, ramona made simply absurd demands. she asked for 600 thread count sheets, hangers, dumbbells, and her damn pinot grigio (since she is a certifiable alcoholic). even worse, she asked for PEOPLE TO UNPACK FOR HER. who does that?! mariah carey, maybe, but ramona fucking singer?! also, what does sonja even have to be pretentious about? she filed for bankruptcy for god’s sake.

the hanger debacle between cindy, sonja, and ramona was just… ridiculous. “cat” to the “ty.” i was embarrassed for them. i just cannot believe that 45ish year old women argue like this. don’t they have better things to focus on? like getting ramona into rehab? then, after cindy confronts the women for talking behind her back, ramona says, “of course we were, you dumb fool. you’re acting like an asshole.” umm no ramona. i think you’re the one acting like an asshole. ramona really pissed me off the entire episode. i couldn’t believe that she and sonja just took off to go hang out at another hotel without the other girls as soon as they landed! so rude! and why were they even going to try to “get their hair and makeup done?!” they’re in morocco hanging out at a hotel by themselves… who are they trying to impress? ohh wait, jill’s gay friend brad? of COURSE jill runs into friends in morocco. such a little jewish mother! speaking of brad, the fortune teller at his party had something verrrry interesting to tell ramona. she said there’s another woman in mario’s life… what do we think about that? will something come of it?

it surprised me when i found myself actually liking luann and kelly this episode. kelly was actually pretty normal and appropriate, and she was very appreciative of all that was going on. so was alex. luann was incredibly gracious. she was a wonderful hostess and worked very hard to make sure everyone was having a great time. she even planned a fun little surprise for the other girls- she brought in morocco’s top fashion designer to make custom dresses for each woman! ramona was SO.RUDE to the designer. she said she “didn’t like the caftan look,” tried to change all of his designs, and even asked him to put a log on the fire like he was an employee of the hotel. she tries to tell everyone how to do everything. who does ramona think she is?! i mean, honestly. i’m baffled by it. clearly she thinks she’s a major celebrity or something. too bad she’s not!

wow, i sound like a bitch in this rant haha! ramona really irritated me this week, i guess. does anyone else have something to say about the episode? we’ll have to see what happens next week… 2 more episodes in morocco.

xo charlotte


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