body modifications

28 May

so last night i was bored and i wanted to watch a movie. somehow i ended up watching ‘modify’ on netflix instant movies which is a documentary on body modifications. as stated in the documentary, body modifications include but are not limited to: piercings, tattoos, plastic surgery, brands, scarifications etc. however, hair dying, shaving, bodybuilding and tanning are all also body modifications as well! i have dabbled in some body modifications including piercings (i have seven…if i ever lose enough weight to have a flat stomach i also want my belly pierced too. i would get one now except it just looks gross and nasty when someone has their belly pierced but doesn’t have a flat stomach) and other  things.

this documentary was kinda disturbing, not going to lie. while i’m not grossed out by people who have tons of tattoos (i think sleeves are so sexy actually.) some of the body modifications made NO sense to me. i didn’t even know they existed!!! apparently, you can get jewelry inserted under your skin, permanently so the skin becomes raised in the shape of the jewelry. you can get 3D tats/brands. you can get HORNS and sculptures inserted under your skin. you can get a metal mohawk. you can get your tongue slit (i knew that one before) as well as your penis slit (did not know that was possible..) some pics but i’ll spare you the split penis so that you won’t throw up…


or you can even go all the way, and try to transform your whole appearance to a tiger: (this is a man called stalking cat who is trying to transform himself into his totem animal (a tiger obvi)) or ‘lizardman’ who started his transformation a a philosophy project of some sort. you can google their names for more info and pics:

so as you see, these body mods are probably a little bit more extreme than what you would see walking down a street, but hey to each their own right?? who am i to judge what people find aesthetically pleasing or if they enjoy undergoing extreme amounts of pain like the people who like to suspend themselves from hooks? (this disturbs me as well…) anyway, watching this documentary was like observing a bad car accident: horribly disturbing but for some reason you can’t look away. i don’t think i will be modifying my body til i make some money (got a whole list of plastic surgeries i wanna get done…just kidding, but i wouldn’t mind lipo-ing my thunder thighs) but if you want to get some piercings or some ink go for it! you can go to for some inspiration.



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