sorry i’ve been mia

21 May

unfortunately i was not on vaca like m (so jeal, btw!) but i have just been super busy i’ve barely even had time to facebook stalk people..whaaat??? i’ve basically been working at the rehab center which is over an hour away so i wake up everyday at 9 and don’t even get home til 5 or 6 on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. some highlights working there recently have been: i got to feed flying squirrels and bottle-feed baby deer!!!! we have 9 fawns now and we’re going to move them all down to the barn soon. some downsides working there recently: one fawn diarrhead in my hand  recently—NOT FUN and i got attacked by a squirrel…some of them are SUPER aggressive!

so besides getting shit on by various animals including some squirrels and rabbits, i’ve also been picking up extra shifts at the burger joint i’ve worked at since my senior year. it sucks because i wear this visor and collared shirt and it’s so embarrassing when people i know come in to get food…the management also refuses to get the A/C fixed behind the counter where me and the other cashiers stand but the grill is right behind that so we feel all the heat from the flames. we’re not allowed to use our cell phones, or sit down, or lean on the counter. so basically it’s 5 hours of torture in over 100* weather where we are all sweating. nasty. i don’t understand why management doesn’t fix it because i’m sure customers are turned off by the fact that we are sweating all over their food…the only upside to working there is that they are the only place that will hire me back when i’m home for short intervals of time, and they work around my schedule. so i’m not complaining since a lot of my friends cannot find short term jobs. plus i’m friends with most of the other workers and i just got a pay raise!!!! woo!!!

so besides that any time i’m not sleeping, i’m seeing my friends. i haven’t seen a bunch of them still (and they are very annoyed because i keep ditching cus i have work and stuff — SORRY!!!) but i have hung out with some of them. i spent a night at marist with boof (not talking about that…). i’ve also seen bridesmaid and pirates 4D. pirates 4D = TOTALLY not worth $15. not worth the time to see it even. it sucked. period. but bridesmaid = sooooooo funny. had everything in it that i find hilarious…(aka sex, poop, and crying bitches). can’t wait to see hangover 2 and something borrowed. it’s depressing to think about though because i’m basically out $50 just in movies. why is everything so damn expensive. it just sucks cus i have to pay for all my own stuff including food, clothes and gas. fml.

besides that, today will be my sixth day as a vegetarian, and i have not been tempted by anything…yet. i have SO much to post about but just not enough time!!! i’ll try to post something funnier soon! hope everyone is having an amazing summer!!!


ps: have been obsessed with this song lately. (it might be because in one month i’ll be turning 20 ahhhhhh)


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