golan heights

21 May

because i have so many stories/memories/amazing places to talk about from my trip to israel, i decided to divide my trip into multiple posts of the different areas we visited.  with obama’s recent policy speech recommending that israel return to the pre-1967 borders, my time in the golan heights seems very appropriate (because in the map which is seen in the articles, the golan would no longer be in the border).  before my trip i knew some information about israel, but my view of the country was far from accurate.  i viewed israel as all desert and when i got to the golan heights i was immediately proven wrong.  this area is beautiful and full of greenery and the people that live there are amazing.  our tour guide lived in the golan heights in a moshav and i really hope that the israelis don’t lose this beautiful place.

while we were there we went on an amazing hike, went rafting in the jordan river, and visited an olive press.  this olive press had the BEST olive oil i have ever tasted and they even sell to zabar’s in nyc and to whole foods in california!  this company grows its own olives and creates the oil themselves.  you can look at all of the amazing products here.  besides making all different varieties of oil, they make incredible skincare products that you should all check out!  here are pictures of the inside of the olive oil press:

we ended our visit to this area with a gorgeous viewpoint at mt. meiron

this area was amazing and i will never forget my experiences there, i already miss it.  look out for my next post on jerusalem!

xx m


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