driver’s ed? what am i, sixteen?!

21 May

by the time you’re reading this post, i’ve probably already been at driving school for approximately 87 hours. you see, i’ve gotten into a little trouble with the law lately. back in march, i wrote about how excited i was to drive home from school without getting any speeding tickets on the way. i wrote: “the new york state troopers and i don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. i like to drive a little faster than the speed limit, and they don’t exactly love that. back in the day (aka a couple months ago) i got two tickets in a two month span. no bueno. i’ve since completely revamped my driving habits and am happy to say that i’ve had no mishaps thus far in 2011 (knock on wood!).”

well, that knock-on-wood didn’t exactly work for me. except this time, it was a failure to stop at a stop sign instead of a speeding ticket. i’m not going to get into the particulars of the case, but i have a (secret, obvi) issue with the sheriff in the town where our school is. i diddddd stop, just not long enough.

anyway, i hired a vvvvvvvvonderful lawyer who was able to get me a plea bargain. i received a few punishments from the court, but one of them is mandatory defensive driving school. soooo today i have class from about 7 am-12. #funtimez. i’m kind of looking forward to seeing what kind of people are in the class, as the only class i could find anywhere near me is for people who just got their licenses suspended. should be a motley crew, so i’ll be sure to report back any interesting things asap! if you want a little preview of what i might be learning, click here for a comedy animation thing of signs of road rage.

while i’m out learning boring things, here are a few pretty things for you to look at (don’t miss me toooo much):

{is CHARLOTTE posting something colorful?! gaspp! love the fun mix of colors on anna dello russo, natch}

{on a raft above rocky waters. so european. p.s. can’t wait to study abroad this fall!!!}

{i posted a pic of this crab salad stack on pinterest and it was instantly repinned by 5 people. i WILL be making this asap. la jolla crab stack- recipe here}

have a fantassssstic weekend!

xo charlotte


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