movie time

20 May

i went to see bridesmaids on monday with my best friend cat and her older sister hayley. the movie was good, but it didn’t live up to all the hype. i had heard that it was better than the hangover, which is one of my all-time favorite movies, and i definitely didn’t agree with that. i thought that all six of the main characters would have equal time in the movie, but the story line actually revolved around the relationship between two of the characters. it ended up being kind of a love story, too, but i don’t want to give too much away. don’t let me ruin the movie for you entirely, though- there were some HILARIOUS scenes (like on the airplane and in the bridal salon). it was interesting because the guys in the movie theater thought the movie was the funniest thing ever- they laughed the ENTIRE time. the girls didn’t seem to think it was as funny, probably because it strikes a little close to home (fighting for a friend’s attention).

the previews before the movie, however, were AWESOME! seriously, every trailer looked amazing! naturally i wrote the movies down on a memo in my blackberry, so here are some of the movies i can’t wait to see:

{something borrowed (already out)- i’m meeting m and mary this weekend to see it! can’t wait}

{the hangover: part II (may 26)- self-explanatory. except this time, they’re in thailand! more exotic=more fun}

{harry potter 7 part 2 (july 15)- this movie is very bittersweet for me. i’m dying to see it because ron and hermione finally get together (!!!), but i’m so sad that the series is ending}

{the help (august 12)- this was a PHENOMENAL book. if you haven’t read it yet, go get it now. it’s an inside look at black housekeepers in the South in the 1960s}

{what’s your number? (september 30)- first of all, anna faris is in this movie, and she’s hilarious. secondly, the main guy (chris evans) is super hot. this movie is about a girl who hunts down the last 20 boyfriends she’s had to see if any of them might have changed}

there’s are tons of other great movies coming out, too! can’t wait!

xo charlotte


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    […] see on my fave show, dea). just kidding… we’re going out to lunch and then going to see something borrowed yayayay. can’t wait to see my betches! love […]

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