18 May

swizzles is not just the name of my favorite drink (i LOVE rum swizzles– aka bermuda’s national drink). swizzles is also the name of the new fro-yo shop that just opened up in my town! i’ve been there twice already, and it’s SOO good!

my town has FINALLY gotten its act together and gotten a fro-yo shop that’s pay-per-ounce. i’m not really sure why i’m so excited about this, because i only really like the tart flavor anyway (wait- i actually like chocolate too!). it also has tons of toppings, including healthy ones!

i like to get a mix of original/tart and chocolate (but i don’t physically mix the two flavors- they stay on opposite sides of the cup to avoid cross-contamination haha). on top, i get strawberries, blackberries, coconut, and a few m+ms. it’s SOOOOOOO good! and think of it as just like eating greek yogurt with fruit- it’s practically good for you haha!

just an exciting thing that’s happened ’round here that’s signaling that summer’s coming!

xo charlotte


2 Responses to “swizzles”

  1. Caroline May 18, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    wait SOOO jealous… i want to visit now.. but not to see you just for the froyo

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