more preppiness

18 May

it’s so exciting that my friends are starting to trickle home from school! i was the first of my friends to arrive home around 10 days ago, but now almost everyone is back. everyone is doing different things this summer. i’m interning in the city (more deets later!), but i have friends working on ranches out west, interning in everything from fashion to finance, working as camp counselors, helping senators out, etc.

one of my friends and sorority sisters from school, isabel, told me she’s interning at a store called signature style in wilton, ct. i had never heard of the store before, but naturally i googled it because i was curious about what it was. the store has a website you can order things off of, and it’s full of preppy monogramed things like pillows, blankets, candles, jewelry, aprons, etc. with summer coming up (and therefore lots of visits to friends’ beach houses and invitations to barbecues), i thought i’d pick some of my favorite items from the site that would be make great hostess gifts:

{bamboo blanket– $124}

{scented soy candle– $32}

{i LOVE these trays! so cute and SUCH a great deal. i cannot believe how affordable they are. 17″ x 7″ is $35, while 5″ x 9″ is 18}

{large waffle cosmetic bag– $25- these make great gifts for people of all ages. i gave something really similar for graduation gifts}

all of these items have multiple color, font, and thread options. personally, i prefer 3-letter monograms to 1-letter ones. i think all these items are so cute and affordable and would make great gifts for anyone (or even for yourself)! happy shopping!

xo charlotte


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