16 May

to me, the absolute preppiest item out there is a barbour jacket. it’s very “old money in the country,” and it’s not pretentious at all. it’s also incredibly useful. i wear mine all the time. it’s the perfect coat for the entire fall season, but it’s especially great for when it’s raining. you’ll stay completely dry and warm underneath! note that they don’t automatically come with hoods, however! i find that SO strange and so frustrating. you can easily purchase one for like $50, but i haven’t actually gotten around to doing it yet.

the coat that all the girls have is actually the MEN’s version of the bedale. i’ve tried on some of the women’s jackets, and they fit SO differently. i find them awkwardly short and form-fitting. you want your barbour to be loose and oversized. they come in several different colors like navy and brown, but i prefer the green- i think it’s more classic. green: barbour :: orange: hermes (is that even how you do an analogy?! it’s been so long that i can barely remember). also, i like the waxed ones better than the unwaxed ones.

i’ve found that the best place to buy a barbour online is orvis. here’s a little size conversion cheat sheet for you:

happy shopping!

xo charlotte


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