little things

13 May

sometimes it’s really the simple things in life that make you the happiest…

-going to a night yoga class

-champagne sorbet with raspberries

-white wine

-ncis marathons

-playing doodle jump on my dad’s ipad

-shiny new magazines

-getting 3 babysitting jobs in one week (=$$$)

-fresh flowers

-going to your local pharmacy where they have your prescription ready and you can charge it to your house

-hiring an amazing lawyer who gets speeding tickets reduced to parking tickets

-having someone do your laundry and cook dinner for you

-international bbm (so we can talk to m while she’s in israel, of course!)

-udon noodles with shrimp from an amazing pan-asian restaurant

-visiting with friends you haven’t seen in years and having everything be the exact same

-taking long walks with your dog

-discovering new tv shows that are HILARIOUS (30 rock, anyone?)

-fortune cookies

-driving with the sunroof open and the windows down

-fluffy duvets

xo charlotte

p.s. what made YOU happy this week?


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