things i’m obsessed with right now

12 May

i am an obsessive person. no, i don’t have ocd, but once i find something i like, i get REALLY into it. but then i get bored or sick of it, and i drop it forever. like food/hobby/interest a.d.d.

for example:

  • for three months straight i ate cup noodles everyday at 3:30 pm (i do not recommend this unless you are trying to gain 15+ pounds.)
  • for the three months after that i ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday at 3:30 pm instead of cup noodles.
  • for two months straight i ran at least 4 miles everyday (i wish this DID last…)
  • once i like a song i will play it on repeat….over and over again. one night last year i downloaded the song “the freshman” and played it 70 times. in one night. no joke.
  • when i watch a tv show i have to watch all the episodes from the beginning, in a row. this is unhealthy because you end up watching 12+ hours of tv in one sitting and realized the only times you moved were to eat and pee.
  • when i find a piece of clothing i like i try to wear it as much as possible without people thinking i don’t own other clothes until i get sick of it and then i never wear it again
  • i thought i was interested in painting, went and spent over $300 at michael’s on painting supplies…and have only ever painted one painting
  • same story as above, with scrapbooking…but spent only $200.
so basically, yeah when i like something i like it alot. no matter what. so here are some of my (recent) obsessions:
 “the girl with the dragon tattoo” by stieg larsson. i just finished reading it within two days because i couldn’t put it down which resulted in two very unproductive days, where i cancelled lunch plans so i could keep reading (yeah i’m a nerd). unfortunately i probably will be anti-social til i finish the next two books in the series… i’m just about to start “the girl who played with fire.”
aloe juice. it’s juice made with aloe pulp. sounds gross (yes, aloe is used to relieve sunburns etc.) but don’t judge before you tatse it. it’s actually really sweet and refreshing and the pulp has a gummy-like texture. you can find this juice at basically any supermarket or convenience store in korea…i used to drink it at least once a day when i was on vacation there a couple of summers ago but haven’t really seen it here except for specialty asian stores. however, the other day i found out fairway (basically the same thing as wholefoods and wegmans) had it!!! i’ve had it four days in a row now…so yum.
 “the blonde salad”. which is the fashion diary of the 23-year-old girl pictured above. it’s one of my new favorite blogs. she has amazing clothes, sense of style and has now become a paid professional blogger who has even come out with her own shoe line. so jealous of her life. did i mention she’s italian and lives in milan? ohhh and i forgot to tell you she has a hot boyfriend..that bitch  wish i was her…
organic dark chocolate espresso beans. the organic just means i pay double the price, but i can’t find any that are “non-organic.” but anyway, chocolate AND coffee (two of my favorite things) in one!!!! and espresso beans are less calories than the same amount of peanuts and/or raisins making this lower-cal than chocolate covered peanuts or raisins. (1 cup of beans without chocolate is 40 calories)  this is my new mid-day afternoon snack and guess what…there’s caffeine in BOTH the espresso beans and chocolate. YAY! totally my new go-to study smack…
that feeling of empowerment and self-satisfaction  of not texting someone back. self-explanatory.
so yeah, we’ll see how long it takes til i get sick of these. hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather because i know i am :)

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