best times of my life

11 May

before i grew up and had to start spending my summers doing slave labor internships, i used to go on amazing summer adventure trips. i went on three adventures cross country trips, and they were- hands down- the best experiences of my life.

i went on all of the trips with one of my best friends, lindsay. we spent our first summer in northern california, backpacking, surfing, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting. our next trip was to costa rica and belize, where we went surfing, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, sailing, and stayed on our own private island. our third and final trip was to ecuador and the galapagos (which was the coolest yet strangest place i have ever been because of the constantly shifting landscape- it goes from tropical forest to volcanos to lava-filled areas to beaches and more). this trip was community-service based, so we spent time in a village helping carry boulders out of a river and later building a communal dining/living area. we also went ziplining and whitewater rafting and snorkeling and did fun things like that!

{whitewater rafting=my favorite outdoor activity EVER!}

these trips were AMAZING! nothing else on earth is anything like them. everyone on the trips got SO unbelievably close. i am STILL friends with people from these trips, even though they happened years ago (we went on our first one SIX years ago). i also have made several friends at college because of mutual friends from these trips. these trips took me COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. i am a little high maintenance and “particular.” in my normal life, i don’t like not showering/being dirty, having to wash out my dirty dishes with pine needles, and filtering my water with iodine. however, on these trips, i was a completely different person. these trips made me so relaxed and empowered. they showed me the person i want to be. i was always so unbelievably, blissfully happy. i never wanted to sleep or shower because i was fearful of missing out. if you are remotely near an age that is acceptable to go on a trip like this, GO! my sister is going to turkey and greece with them this summer and i am so.jealous. i would give anything to trade places with her. hopefully i can lead the trips when i’m older!

anyway, the reason i’m writing about this today is because one of my friends from costa rica and belize, preston, is coming to visit me today! he lives in chicago but is taking a little new england road trip, so he’s staying with me for the night. so excited to see him!

{photo of us from like 5 years ago}

xo charlotte


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