guess what i did today!!

10 May

i fed orphaned baby squirrels and orphaned baby rabbits with a syringe :) it was a lot cooler than it sounds, lol. so anyway, today was my first day of my internship at a wildlife rehab center and i had a great time! even though it’s kinda far from my house (over an hour drive) i realized this is totally worth it because i LOVE animals, and i realized i definitely want to pursue an animal-care related path. i thought that i was going to be cleaning cages or something just as unappealing before i got there but the first thing i did was taught how to catch the baby squirrels from their cages, hold them in a washcloth, and feed them formula until they didn’t want anymore. and omg i died..they were ADORABLE (even though some of them kept pooping on me..yuck). this is not me, but this pic is exactly what it looked like (except i had to put them in a washcloth because rabbit pee can carry a virus that is dangerous to humans):

i also got to see a fox with rabies that was going to have to be put down (sad), orphaned fox kits, orphaned raccoons, and a muskrat that was being released in the wild today! i’m not allowed to touch any of these animals unless i get my rabies vaccinations though (for legit reasons). after just one day of working there, i have so much respect for the woman that runs it. she is a saint. there is basically no other words to describe her. she takes care of these animals, 24/7. i was only there from 11-4, and fed the animals once. she has to feed ALL the animals, and since they’re babies, 3-4 times a day. she had already fed them breakfast a couple hours before i arrived, and later tonight she has to feed them all again. there are over 30 baby squirrels, raccoons, fox, and oppossums!! pretty soon, she said a bunch of baby deer (fawn) are going to need taking care of! (i can’t wait!) in addition, she has to take care of her own family — cooking breakfast and dinner! i don’t know how she does it because after one day, i’m exhausted. she is actually amazing…

in addition, there was another boy who had stopped by to drop off a baby raccoon that someone had brought into the animal hospital that he worked at. he was not my type, but there was just something about him. he was built, with shoulder-length hair, and tattoos on both his arms…kind of reminded me of a character from grease, like a stereotypical “bad boy”. if i didn’t know him i would think he was one of those boys who liked to torture animals for fun. super quiet. but watching him feed the baby squirrels…it was almost magical. (totally serious right now). he was SO sweet with them and talked to some of them.  i think i fell in love. after talking to him i found out he wanted to be a vet, and that he even takes care of wild baby animals in his home, and one of the adult squirrels at the rehab center was actually one that he saved and raised(now i ACTUALLY fell in love!) i don’t even know him but watching him take care of  the animals was just…SO HOT. apparently he doesn’t come around that often since he works full-time at the hospital, but hopefully he will be in the next two months…

and can i just say NOTHING beats driving down the highway blasting taylor swift with the windows down and the sun shining…i couldn’t get the smile off my face :) i’m going back tomorrow morning too…can’t wait!!!!



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