whole foodie

9 May

my mom had a few friends over for dinner tonight, so i spent a couple hours this afternoon helping her prepare for the casual get-together.

my main task was to pick up the ingredients for the dinner at whole foods. with my mom’s credit card in hand and whole foods in front of me, i went a little craycray. here are some of the highlights of my trip:

whole foods greek hummus is- hands down- the best hummus out there. sooo good when paired with this marinated feta. i just had the marinated feta for the first time last night when i made a delicious vegetable sandwich with hummus,  balsamic reduction, and the feta, of course. i also stocked up on siggi’s icelandic skyr (my favorite greek yogurt), tons of berries, whole wheat waffles, smoked salmon, almond butter, vanilla almond milk, balsamic vinaigrette, and smart water (they were out of my beloved voss for some reason). of course, i also had to pick up two of my favorite vegetarian items: dr. praeger’s california veggie burgers and chickenless nuggets.

i’ve proclaimed my love for steaz blueberry pomegranate green tea before, but i discovered this new version today at the grocery store. they’re both iced tea, but one is blueberry/pomegranate/açia and the other is peach. these two drinks do have calories, and i typically don’t drink caloric beverages (except alcohol, duhh), but i figured i’d give it a try.

look what else i found!!! by now, i think you all know that i am OBSESSED with champagne. i found this champagne sorbet today and can’t wait to give it a try! it’s low-cal, to boot! i’ll be sure to let you know how it is.

xo charlotte


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