summer fun, summer’s begun

9 May

while i am INSANELY excited about this summer and the adventures that it holds for me and for all of my friends (more on this later) it is incredibly bittersweet.  i’ve only been away from school for less than 48 hours and somehow i already miss my crazy friends.  going from spending every second together (and every second that we weren’t together, bbming each other) to living our separate lives at home is definitely going to be an adjustment.  even though the majority of our friends live close, it’s so sad to think that we won’t all be together again until senior year.  that is the thing that we’ve all been trying not to say but it’s also why leaving for summer was so much harder.  charlotte, mary, and i will all be abroad in the fall and we’ll be missing our 8d friends and the shepardson food club more than words.  i love my friends so much and it’s going to be so sad to be apart for so long BUT we had an amazing year and next year will be even more amazing!

in addition to looking forward to next year, we also have SO much to look forward to this summer!! mary will be leaving for australia (which is causing me separation anxiety already, and this isn’t even happening for 2 months!) and char and i will be spending our summers as working girls in the city (charlotte has already mapquested and our buildings are approximately a 3 minute walk apart), and our friends are planning meet ups constantly to hold us over until we’re all living together again.  before we start those adventures though, i will be leaving for my own adventure tonight!

tonight i’m going to israel and i’ll be there for 10 days! i could not be more excited about this trip.  i’ve wanted to go to israel for as long as i can remember and that wish is finally coming true :) of course when i get back i’ll have a lot more to say about this, but so far what i’m looking forward to most is climbing masada, floating in the dead sea, and riding a camel (although this won’t be my first time doing this)!! it will be such a cool experience to make new friends and explore israel! so until then, i hope everyone has an amazing 10 days and i’ll report on my adventures when i get back!!

xx m


One Response to “summer fun, summer’s begun”

  1. Caroline May 9, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    two comments in a row.. unreal
    you must be bored? gahh

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