9 May

today my grandma was telling me about these men she saw on the news who were estranged half brothers that randomly found each other while in hawaii (even though they were both from the boston area).  that story made me think about how some things have to be due to fate; what are the chances that two people who have never met and don’t even know each others names meet on a beach in hawaii and realize that they are actually brothers?!

then, i was just catching up on the blog (because yes, i’ve been a bad blogger lately) and i read mary’s quote from pooh.  i instantly recognized it because this quote has really significant meaning to me.  my grandpa passed away last march, and to say i was very close to him is an understatement.  in this extremely difficult time in my life, there was a nice twist. my dad was giving a speech at the funeral and he started telling a story.  he explained that while trying to clean up our basement after the crazy flooding of last spring, right after my grandpa passed away, he moved a box and found a card on top of it.  the card was saved from one of my first birthdays and it had mary’s quote on it, “if there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, i’ll stay there forever.” finding this card  from SO many years ago at this time just seemed too perfect.  this sentiment meant so much and my dad brought the card to the funeral.  i knew nothing about this, and having heard the story and seen the card, i felt like it was a message from my grandpa and it actually helped me through that hard time.

have you guys ever had any moments like that?  sometimes you think it just has to be fate.

xx m


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