dear mom

8 May

happy mother’s day. i love you so much. i know i get frustrated with you sometimes, but it’s only because i wish i could spend more time with you. i wish i could be with you everyday! (wait, that sounds soo creepy haha). you are so generous, empathetic, intelligent, witty, and huge-hearted. you give too much. you have given me a love of reading, a strong work ethic, a desire to help others (actually, desire isn’t really the right word- you feel a NEED and a responsibility to help others. to you, it is non-negotiable), and a sense of style. you are one of the most stylish and elegant women i have ever met. you are incredibly gracious and inclusive, and you are endlessly forgiving. you juggle so many things (parenting three children and a needy husband (ha), working at a hedge fund, being a stephen minister at church, taking care of your extended family, fundraising for the city of hope, etc.). you are INCREDIBLE and beyond inspirational. i want to be just like you when i’m older.

i’m so excited to be home with you this summer. i can’t wait to eat vegetable sandwiches and our favorite arugula salad at aux délices, take yoga classes, go shopping (saks baby, here we come), try out new workouts at the gym, read books, decorate the new house in florida, go on countless walks with callie (our dog), finalllllly get chaise lounges and lay out on the porch, go to the movies, shop at the farmer’s market, play tennis- all TOGETHER.

xo charlotte


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