staying positive

6 May

i am extremely upset about the end of this school year. i can honestly say that this past year has been the best year of my life. while it was full of lots of drama and insanity, it was also full of absolute hilarity, making amazing new friends, and blissful happiness. this is a topic i will definitely dedicate an entire post (or eight haha) to. for now, i’m trying as hard as i can to block out all the negatives about leaving school (on saturday) by focusing on the exciting things i have to look forward to when i get home:

-spending time with my family (especially my mom!)- excuse the weird outfits in this photo (we were in africa)

-my bed/house/town (and my pets, of course!)

-a clean shower! with my new rain shower head, to boot (remind me to show you pics of my new bathroom when i get home!). you canNOT imagine how dirty/gross a shower shared by 4 college girls who don’t clean is… i’ll spare you the photos.

-a kitchen- stocked with berries (!!!), greek yogurt, hummus, stacey’s pita chips, chez, meatless meatballs, chickenless nuggets, and all the rest of my faves

{this isn’t my actual kitchen, btw}

-my yoga studio and gym (equinox=best gym in america!)

{once again, this is not actually me haha}

-having free time again! being able to actually sleep and watch tv and do whatever i want WITHOUT HAVING WORK!!!

tonight is our last night together (for now!), so we’re going to pop this special andy warhol edition of dom perignon that my parents gave me and go dance ’til we drop.

i’m trying to just focus on these positives so i still don’t have to face reality…

xo charlotte


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