study break

4 May

it’s finals week for a lot of schools, including ours, so i thought i’d share some of my favorite ways to relax slash take a break:

breath of joy: this is my all-time favorite yoga move. it has a three-part inhale and then a swinging exhale release. it allows you to completely fill your lungs with oxygen and then detoxify as you exhale. it’s very energizing, and i typically do it when i wake up in the morning.

go to the gym: seriously so worth it if you can squeeze it in. think of it as an hour where you can relax, burn calories, AND watch tv. watching tv is reason enough to go! it’ll help you feel better about yourself and not feel so gross for the bad food you’re probably eating (although i’ve been pretty good lately).

take a walk: our friend kimmy is notorious for “going on walks.” aka wandering around for two hours instead of doing work. if you go outside for just a few minutes, though, it can be soo refreshing and relaxing.

sudoku: it’s just insanely addicting. plus, it doesn’t feel like you’re really taking a break from work because it’s kind of intellectual, so you can trick yourself into thinking you’re not just playing a game and are actually being productive.

bloons: our newest game that amy, our fourth roommate, taught us. to say amy is obsessed with games is the understatement of the year. every time i walk into m’s and her room, she is ALWAYS playing games on her laptop or her iPhone (which she got because she soberly washed her hands while her phone was in the sink. story of her life).

good luck with work!!!

xo charlotte


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