people are weird.

2 May

and i thought i was weird. if you don’t believe me, look at the things people search (and then somehow end up on our blog…)

  • emo girls with blue eyes and black hair
  • asian guys kissing
  • edward cullen naked (i’d probably search that though….just kiddin!)
  • edward and jacob in love
  • kissing boys naked
  • me and edward cullen
  • boys kissing boys
  • darts with paint filled balloons (huh???)
  • vedio sexxxx
  • girls and boys in bed kissing
  • xxx.sexxxx (why are there so many xs??? i don’t understand…)
  • sexxxx몰카
  • different types of berrys with names
  • naked garrett hedlund troy
  • bed comphy
  • girl with black eyes and blonde hair and is lonely
  • edward cullen and jacob black kissing
  • i then realized my life is a joke (dear google??)
  • emo+guys+hair kissing
  • hot emo guy kissing girl taken with phone
  • asia girl sexxxx
  • garrett hedlund hot pictures of him alot more
  • don’t worry about boys quotes
hahaha what are people thinking??? i’m glad alot of pervs have probably read our blog…
good luck surviving finals week!

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