2 May

we’re loving all of the reactions to osama’s killing. literally EVERYONE’S facebook statuses are about it. here are some highlights:

“0sama played the best hide and seek game, but now we’re #winning.”

“gin-laden shots anyone?”

“remember, osama bin laden is not dead until donald trump has seen the death certificate.”

“osama’s dead. guess he came out of hiding to watch the royal wedding.”

“what would antoine dodson say? ‘we gon find you, we gon find you…’ well guess what? we found him.”

everyone at our school went CRRRRRRRAZY! people were screaming, cheering, singing, running through the dorms, and even pouring drinks! people studying for finals even sang the national anthem in the library! the frats were blasting music and shotgunning beers. our whole floor gathered in the hall and watched the press coverage, including obama’s speech. such a monumental moment for america! everyone  really came together, and it made us soo happy! america is having a goooood day!  it’s a true party in the usa. this is EXACTLY what we need.

god bless america!

xo charlotte


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    […] as i’m a college student and therefore think that anything is an excuse to drink. our friends popped open a bottle of whisky as soon as osama was killed, after all. i just wish WEEEE could go out instead of studying for […]

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