happy may!

1 May

can you believe it’s already may?! i was SHOCKED at 12:01 when my little calendar icon on the bottom of my desktop changed to 1. you might remember that my family has a little competition slash tradition on the first day of every month to see who can say two little words first. here’s a hint:

anyway, i won again! hopefully this means my luck will get me a’s on all of my finals! and maybe i’ll finally get an internship…

this weekend really hasn’t been too exciting since everyone’s been hardly working working hard for finals. on friday night, however, the three of us went out to dinner with our FOURTH roommate. we realized that we have never really mentioned the fact that we even have another roommate. her name is amy, and she’s from baltimore. it’s a little hard to describe amy, but basically she’s verrrrrrry laid back and likes to have a good time. amy is also in that photo i posted the other day!

the four of us haven’t gotten to spend much time together lately because everyone’s been so busy, so it was great that we got to all go out to dinner together on friday! we went to sumo, our absolute favorite restaurant within like a 50 mile radius haha. it’s a japanese restaurant that’s a little out of control. sometimes i think they think they’re a mexican restaurant, because they wear sombreros to sing happy birthday to people. they also shoot sake in your mouth, whether you want it or not.

we had deeeeeeeeeeelicious sushi though! amy and i each got our favorite roll, the green river roll. i can’t remember exactly what’s in it right now, but it’s basically shrimp tempura, crab, seaweed, avocado, etc. sooo yumma! we got other good food too, like spicy tuna rolls and fried ice cream. it was a great study break and definitely the most exciting thing we did all weekend.

xo charlotte


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