27 Apr

i don’t know about you guys but the upcoming and final harry potter movie is one of the highlights of my summer (and also a great way to celebrate my birthday–it comes out that night!).  as cheesy as this sounds, i feel like i’ve grown up with harry potter.  we started out the same age and have grown as harry grew in the books (yes i am aware of how intense this sounds, but i know i’m not the only one who feels this way).

in 3rd grade we read hp in open circle time and i think that’s where my obsession began.  in 4th grade we were taken to see the first hp movie in theaters BEFORE it came out (it was the morning of the release and i thought i was the coolest person on earth for being “one of the first” people to see the movie).  ever since these big moments, hp has remained an obsession for me.  i used to get the books sent to me at camp and spend literally the entire day reading them.  i spent one vacation driving from san diego to san francisco listening to hp 6 on tape with my family, and hp7 part one came out on my 18th birthday.  clearly i love it and feel a connection to it hah.  this past winter break on our way to marco island, florida, my family took a special pit stop to visit harry potter world.  my family is aware of my obsession and decided to let me have my day there.  it was amazing (probably just because of how much i love it) to stroll around hogsmeade and feel like we were actually in the hp world.

now that you are all probably sufficiently creeped out by my obsession AND to make this relevant to today, a new trailer is coming out tonight!! soo exciting, check out abc family at 7pm (or just look online later) to find it!

xx m



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