26 Apr

straight up, this past weekend was full of horrible eating. we really did not monitor our eating at all and went a little crazy with pizza, mozz sticks, candy, cookies, etc. we were left feeling horacious (combo horrible + atrocious) come monday morning. we even had heartburn/acid reflux. not normal!

i was talking about it with my friend casey, and she felt the exact same way. we both said at the same time, “i need a detox!” i told her about the blueprint cleanse, a cleanse i have done several times before. in fact, i want to do it again when i get home from school this summer. therefore, i thought i’d tell you guys a little bit about it in case you’re in the same boat.

in my opinion, the blueprint cleanse is the best cleansing program out there. the premise is that it will “gently rid your body of impurities, regain an alkaline balance and normalize digestion and metabolism.” basically, i think of it as just cleaning you out, getting rid of all the toxins, and making you feel light and healthy.

the standard blueprint cleanse is 3 days, but my gym, the equinox, offers it just one day at a time if you want. there are also 3 different levels of the cleanse, but i recommend that everyone start at Level 1 aka “Renovation.” you drink 6 juices a day. that is all you eat/drink. no solid food. 2 of the juices are green juices, and these are my absolute least favorite. i hate them, but that’s probably just because i really hate kale and that’s one of the main ingredients. this juice is really the best one for you, however, so you kind of just have to plug your nose and chug. i’ve very good at chugging things i don’t like, so this isn’t toooo much of a problem for me. the spicy lemonade is fine. it’s kind of weird drinking lemonade with cayenne pepper in it, but it’s really not too painful. the beet and carrot juice is okay. not nearly as bad as the green juice.

the other 2 drinks, however, are actually DELICIOUS. the pineapple, apple, and mint juice is SOOO good! in fact, i order it from the equinox even when i’m not on the cleanse. it’s so incredibly refreshing. and the cashew nut milk one is also phenomenal. it has vanilla bean, cinnamon, and agave in it- sooo yummy. it’s kind of like dessert.

the only real negative about the blueprint cleanse is that it costs over $60 a day. you can have it delivered to your house, or you can pick it up at a nearby location. it’s totally worth it in my opinion! a great way to start off the summer feeling light and healthy!

xo charlotte


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