the crazy antics of room 110

24 Apr

as an objective third party witness of the insanity that occurs in charlotte and mary’s room, i think i am the perfect person to make a short commentary on their lives as roommates

countless times a day i hear insane amounts of noise from the opposite side of my wall.  as charlotte will tell you i ALWAYS have fans on in my room so the sounds get muffled, while charlotte sits with her ear against the wall and listens to everything i have going on in my room from tv to listening to my bbm sound.  when i hear the noise through the wall, about 98% of the time it’s charlotte and mary having one of their patented fights.

just to give you a little taste of my life, one of the best fights that they’ve had this year was about food rotting.  mary has this tendency to make comments ending with “i read it, it’s true.”  during this fight, mary was trying to convince char that the fruit that she had bought 1 week ago was going to create bacteria that would make all 4 of us endlessly sick.  clearly that was an overreaction and i got to watch this argument play out.  somehow we got to the point where this happened:

“you’re a great babysitter, EVERYONE wants you to babysit.  i’m just saying maybe an ant hill isn’t the best situation for our room.  we’re merely having a heated debate” –mary

clearly these fights do not make sense, they go from rotting food to ant hills to charlotte babysitting to arguing about whether we’re having arguments.  don’t you wish you were our roommate too?

xx m


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