some of our favorite things

20 Apr

last night, mary and i decided to randomly quiz each other on our favorites. we both scored embarrassingly poorly, so we decided to do a post of our favorite things to teach each other (and YOU) what they are.

                   charlotte                        m                                           mary

book     pride + prejudice     HP/the book thief                       haryy potter!

movie   the hangover/          my big fat greek wedding/        nick & norah’s

                legally blonde          ferris bueller? too many             infinite playlist

food      sushi                          macaroni and cheese                  cereal

candy   reese’s pb cups         SUNCUPS!                                   chocolate covered


dessert   chocolate lava        chocolate mousse                   fruit tart/mint chip

                  cake                          cake                                               ice cream/pumpkin pie!!

color      grey                           purple                                           bright pink

band     jack johnson            the beatles                                    blink 182

tv show  vampire diaries     all time: gilmore girls                 NCIS

time period  1800s               60s                                                90s

                (p+p time, obvi)

animal   don’t really like      dogs!                                             cat

               animals, maybe


vacation spot  caribbean    anything beachy                      anyplace new/exciting


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  1. movie time « - May 20, 2011

    […] up to all the hype. i had heard that it was better than the hangover, which is one of my all-time favorite movies, and i definitely didn’t agree with that. i thought that all six of the main characters […]

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