19 Apr

so i’m procrastinating, again and happened to stumble upon my old twitter. i’ve been on it every now and then since i started it 2 years ago just to see what some of my friends are up to. i’m embarrassed while I read some of my old tweets..i was just so…EW. not okay. what was i thinking tweeting these things? who did i think i was?! as much as a reminder of what a pathetic person i was,  it was somewhat of a trip down memory lane.

some of my favorite tweets from freshman year:

october 14, 2009: “i love how i don’t refer to boys by their names anymore…just by their nights. example) so..i just ran into saturday night and it was awk”

september 5, 2009: “are you fucking kidden me…someone stole half my beers out of my fridge last night wen i left the door open!”

yes, i was a stupid freshman. but i loved rereading my tweets from the end of senior year. they made me really nostalgic. i had some good (and not so good times), and some epic moments i had completely forgotten about. one of them happened on june 27, 2009 — 3 days after senior year graduation.

june 27, 2009: “i got puked on before…i never saw anything like it”

a bunch of my friends and i had gone to the cornerstore to get lunch. after all my guy friends ate the infamous “jet” – buffalo chicken, with cheese, and ranch on a sub. (gRoss – i hate ranch!), we split a celebratory blunt (sorry mom and dad) and ending up hanging out in my friend’s backyard. we were all sitting around a table on the outdoor deck, talking and laughing about stupid shit, flipping through the senior year and drawing on people’s faces, doing what stupid and bored teenagers do. this whole time, my friend, we’ll call him r (so he doesn’t get embarrassed), was sitting there quiet, staring at the table. the rest of us just thought he was just feeling good, ya know, and chilling. however, i did notice he looked like a ghost…his face had NO color. even his lips were white. i thought i was imaging it though so i didn’t say anything. we started annoying him and making fun of him, because we’re dbags and it’s fun. however, r is not responsive and it gets old fast. we leave him alone and go back to our stupidities. all of a sudden, r jumps up and then PROJECTILE VOMITS A NEON ORANGE STREAM (from buffalo sauce) WHILE DOING A 180* — all over the table, the yearbook, US and finally, the grass (where he was trying to vom in the first place). i watched it happen in slow motion…unreal. it was terrifying and was one of the most disgusting things i’ve ever experienced…and of course, something that would happen to me. anyway, after we got over the scarring part of that, we gave him shit for it. poor r. now that i’ve been reminded of that incident, i think i shall say something to him today :)

if anyone wants to read the rest of my tweets you can hit me up @spedtacular #whyimaloser



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