most important thing to bring to college

19 Apr

in my opinion, the #1 thing that every girl should bring to college is a cross body bag. it is absolutely ESSENTIAL for going out. when you go out, you have to bring at least your phone, money, and id(s). your outfit probably doesn’t have pockets, it’s not safe to leave your things in your coat that you throw in the corner of a frat, and it’s just completely impractical to bring a normal bag out (obnoxious to hold when you’re dancing, and it’ll completely get in the way when you’re trying to slither through openings in a bar). enter the cross body bag. perfect for nights out, fraturdays, tailgates, etc.

my dream cross body bag is the chanel 2.55 in black pictured above (which i obvi don’t have- YET), but i’ll share a few other bags that are a little more  reasonable (aka less than like $3,000).

i have this simple marc jacobs totally turnlock cross body bag. it’s very thin and i usually forget that i’m even wearing it when i have it on. it goes with everything and is super practical.

another cute option is this mini foldover foley + corinna bubble leather disco city bag. i loverlylove gold and think it works as a great neutral. this bag is a soft gold that’s pebbled leather. pebbled leather is actually really practical for a going out bag because it hides scuffs/spills/etc. this bag is cute because you can either hold it by the handles or carry it using the strap, in which case the top will fold over.

and of course, it would be remiss of me if i didn’t mention rebecca minkoff in a bag post! rebecca minkoff is my favorite bag designer of all. i love her MAC clutch and the spin-offs she does of it. these bags have a nice, substantial, rectangular shape and gold hardware. the cool thing about these bags is that they can be used either as clutches or cross body bags. aka when you’re asking your mom if you can put it on her credit card, you can say that it’s two bags in one!

{MAC clutch}

 {python clutch}

xo charlotte


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