chipotle devirginization

18 Apr

i had a horrrrrible day yesterday (actually, the entire last week was horrible). after spending most of the afternoon hysterically crying in my bed, my friends sarah, ellen, and taylor dragged me out of my misery and threw m and me in sarah’s car for an impromptu road trip.

our spontaneous adventure completely turned my day around and put a smile on my face! we drove 45 minutes away to chipotle, which i had never been to before (i know- that confession seems to shock everyone).

anyways, chipotle was great. i normally am not a fan of fast food/chain restaurants, but chipotle felt different to me. i mean, obviously chipotle isn’t low-cal, but the ingredients seemed fresh and clean. you could actually see the employees fill up your burrito with normal looking vegetables and corn, etc., instead of sketchy frozen blocks of food like at mcdonalds. the whole look of the interior is so different from a typical fast food restaurant, too. there are sleek metal tables with comfy padded barstools. the food was soo good! i got a vegetarian burrito (obviously, since i’m a vegetarian), and of course we got chips and guac! sooo yummy! the chips and guac were my fave, naturally.

i loved chipotle, but i really adored the spontaneity and fun that we had! we blasted 90s music and shared funny stories. ellen told us about her crazy family that loves camping/salvation army/trailer parks, taylor added some out of control stories about her night out on saturday, and sarah told us stories about drunk parents taking limos to gas stations for hostess snacks.

it was exactly what i needed.

xo charlotte


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