14 Apr

bravo has been on a rolllll with real housewives lately. i feel like every time i turn around a new location is announced or an old location comes back. the return of real housewives of new jersey was just announced today. it’ll be back on may 16! hold up- that’s like a month away! jacqueline, teresa, and caroline are all returning to the show, but danielle is out! YAY!!! i am not a fan of danielle AT ALL! she is a coke whore who was accused of kidnapping… plus she’s been engaged 19 times. is that not a mayjah red flag?! anyway, two of teresa’s family members are joining the show- her sister-in-law and cousin. i like teresa, so i’m sure i’ll (probably) like her family.

i just can’t wait for these women to get back! they are literally the craziest women ever- total wackos. trashy as eff. the upcoming season looks even trashier than the previous ones, if that’s even possible. click here to see the preview.

and here’s one of my absolute favorite clips from all of the franchises. it’s when teresa flips a table, because she’s so angry at danielle:


get excited!

xo charlotte


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