simple things

8 Apr

nothing tooo exciting happened these past few days, but i still had a wonderful week. this just proves that it’s really the little things that count…

-we had warm, beautiful weather for a few days

-vampire diaries is back- surprise!

-i got two a+s

-we hosted sorority open houses- this was extra exciting for me, because i will be abroad for rush. i got to meet so many sweet freshmen who are so eager to join sororities.

-i didn’t have that much work

-i had time to go to the gym everyday

-i got to go out in the middle of the week

-m’s and my study abroad program started putting up profiles of the people on our study abroad trip- naturally, we’ve been facebook stalking

-we had yummy lemon squares at our tea party

-real housewives of new york season premiere

-we’ve been listening to mike posner’s bow chicka wow wow on repeat

-the blog got a makeover- it’s so cheerful now

-also, we forgot to tell you guys, but we got the townhouse we wanted to live in next year!

xo charlotte

p.s. what were some things that made you happy this week?


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