i’ve got mail

7 Apr


I GOT A PACKAGE TODAY! just felt the need to share that. i check my mail every.single.day, but i never actually have any. like i literally NEVER do. this is a huge source of contention between my mom and me. in fact, i even talk about this contention to prospective students when i pass through the the mail room on my tours.

anywayyy, the package was from my mom. the whole reason she had to send me a package is because i dropped a pair of jeans off at the tailor over break and they weren’t ready by the time i headed back to school. my mom decided to throw my easter presents (just a few weeks early) in the box with the jeans.

she sent me a black dress by velvet, along with a scarf by my faaavorite scarf company, love quotes. (i just realized this is at least our 3rd post about scarves- we’re changing the blog to the rule of scarves). i can’t find the exact scarf or dress online, but shopbop carries a ton of love quotes scarves. the scarf is a light linen, making it perfect for the spring and summer. it’s also an usual green color. soo beautiful! i love it. it looks kind of like this:

while i love what was IN the package, i’m really more thrilled to know that someone is thinking about me and took the time to think of things i might like, go to the post office, etc. i love you soooo much, mommy! you made my month!

xo charlotte


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