a day in the life

6 Apr

since i know you guys wait around alllll day to hear about what the three of us are up to, i thought it might be fun interesting to show you guys a little peek into a typical day for me. since my life is so fascinating and all.

8: alarm goes off. no idea where mary is. pass back out.

8:48: bolt upright and realize that i have exactly 15 minutes to shower, get dressed, and get out the door.

9:03: hop out of the shower and THROW on clothes as i literally run out the door to catch the cruiser for class (i wore color today! a pink dress! with a black sweater, black tights, and dark boots, but it’s still color and that’s big for me!)

{this is clearly a photo of me- my hair is secretly black and this is a typical outfit i would wear to class}

9:20-12:10: 3 classes in a row. nothing too interesting to report, except i did get a 98 on my approaches to social analysis quiz!

12:10-1: eat lunch, check email, catch up on the 398473 blogs i read daily.

1-2: do a lil’ work.

2-3: head to the brand.new.gym (so gorgeous!) for an hour of cardio while watching ncis. wear lululemon spandex and sorority tee, natch.

{i was looking super toned today- don’t be tooo jealous}

3-4: play around on the computer and blog (here i am now, aka the rest of this post is what i plannn to do later tonight)

4-5: more worksicles. boooo-rang.

5-6: dinner with a bunch of friends at the mexican restaurant in town (!!!)

6-7: alcohol tutorial at sorority house (ironic photo, no?)

7-10: work, shower, whateva

10-laaate: out with frandz (aka best part of da day- can’t waittt!!!)

{go big or go home}

hope you guys enjoyed this little peak into my oh-so-faaaabulous life. it’s hard being so cool all the time.

xo charlotte



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