there’s no place like home

2 Apr

soo i’m going home this weekend for a SURPRISE wedding shower for my cousin (i’m a bridesmaid).  since she doesn’t read this blog (hopefully) i think it’s okay that i’m posting about it.  here are a few reasons why i can’t wait to go home, even though it’s for about 24 hours total:

1. my BED.  although i can’t really complain because my bed here is pretty comfy with the matress pads and egg carton, sleeping in a queen bed as opposed to a twin XL is definitely a nice way to switch it up.

2. home food. although me and char are eating out fiends, i still miss home cooked meals and that is what i get when i’m home. i also get amazing chinese which is my fave.

3. family time. think this one’s pretty self-explanatory

because i’m only going to be home for a day, this is pretty much the extent of my plans (plus a little family viewing of criminal minds–our fave)..hope everyone has a great weekend!

xx m


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