friday faves

1 Apr

happy april!  my family has a tradition on the first of every month. we have a competition to see who can say “rabbit rabbit” first. if you’re the first person to say it, you have good luck for the whole month. i feel guilty even typing those two words out, because they’re only supposed to be uttered once a month or you are destined to have bad luck for the entire month. my family gets so intense about the competition that we typically end up e-mailing each other the words at like 12:01 a.m. guess who won this month?! mememememe!

in addition to winning good luck this month, here are a few other things makin’ me happy this week.

1. the sun is finally out!

2. i finished my three tests and paper i had this week!

3. the way a cold shower feels at the end of a tough week- so cleansing and refreshing (side note: i love cold showers and will take one over a hot shower any day)

4. comfy cozy grey blanket from walmart (my mom would die if she knew i had this)

5. lobster mac and cheese at the newly reopened inn in town with m and 2 of our close friends

6. just booked tickets to go tour philip johnson’s glass house this summer

here’s hoping the weekend is even better!

xo charlotte


3 Responses to “friday faves”

  1. Catherine April 4, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    char, did you book me a ticket for the glass house also? i hope yes! xoxo

    • The Rule of Three April 4, 2011 at 10:28 pm #

      I would have but you’re going to be in Jackson, you L O S E R! I’m still mad at you for that… xoxo


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    […] SHOCKED at 12:01 when my little calendar icon on the bottom of my desktop changed to 1. you might remember that my family has a little competition slash tradition on the first day of every month to see who […]

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