patagonia VS north face

30 Mar

sorry that i’ve been completely mia on the blog lately, school has been ROUGH. and it doesn’t seem to be letting up…

anyway, in my social psych class our professor keeps pointing out that our school is generally a “north face school”.  i don’t really agree though.  i think this is true for the classic black puffy coats, however, when i came here last year i felt surrounded by patagonias (of the fleece sort).  in my town north face was all the craze, but when i went home for my first october break i found myself wanting a patagonia.

the first phase of my patagonia obsession was the fratty, vintage patagonias that all the ridiculous boys in a certain frat wear to the dining hall every weekend.  i had to search ebay for HOURS looking for the perfect patagonia.  what i ended up with was something like this (although they do make new ones along these lines, the colors are just not as cool) [note that the snap pocket is essential]

but i saw a lot of more fratty and ridiculous ones like this

the more classy version of the patagonia is also extremely popular here (i really want this one and ariel has it, which spurred this post idea)

so what do you think, patagonias or north faces?

xx m


3 Responses to “patagonia VS north face”

  1. lola March 30, 2011 at 7:26 pm #


  2. lola March 31, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    lola LOVES you 3 :)

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