ovo lacto pescatarian

29 Mar

i don’t eat meat, and that causes people to ask a loooooooot of questions about my dietary habits. they’re a bit quirky slash particular, at best. i would say that i’m a pretty adventurous eater, but there are plenty of things that i absolutely refuse to eat, mostly because i’m a texture freak.

-condiments (absolutely no mayo, mustard, relish, cream cheese, jelly, sour cream, tartar sauce, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, etc.; i pretty much never eat any sauces/dips that accompany meals)

-jello and pudding

-bananas (i love almost all kinds of fruit, but i HATE bananas- it’s a texture thing; the only other fruits i don’t like are kiwi, papaya, and mango)

-flavored chips (only exception: salt + vinegar)

-frosting (omg i HATE icing; my dislike of frosting makes me not like cake very much- i do, however, like cupcakes because i feel like they have less frosting than cake does)

i may not eat meat, but i love meat substitutes (creepy, i know). my favorites include meatless meatballs, soysauges, and chickenless nuggets. don’t knock ’em ’til you try ’em. it helps that i don’t remember the original versions that they’re trying to taste like, as i haven’t eaten meat in about five years. i like veggie burgers, too. i also eat seafood. shrimp is my favorite type. i almost always order it when i see it on a menu. looove. i miss seafood so much when i’m at school.

my favorite food hands down is sushi. i will eat almost any type. obsessed. another one of my favorite foods is greek yogurt. my favorite type is siggi’s. it’s an icelandic-style skyr. tart and delicious. the only problem is that it’s a teeny bit hard to find. therefore, my more mainstream favorite is fage. i like to top my greek yogurt with berries. i like all types of berries, but blackberries are my ultimate fave. peaches are my number one favorite fruit, but unfortunately they’re not available year-round. i do NOT like greek yogurt topped with cereal or granola. i’m not a big cereal fan at all, actually. i don’t like how it gets all soggy. it creeps me out.






i also really don’t like buffets. i find them incredibly unappealing. i try to avoid them at all costs.

i won’t bore you with my other particularities. i’ll save them for another time :)

xo charlotte




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