me want cooooookie

26 Mar

this week was a very exciting one for our floor of our dorm. m is a senior girl scout a girl in m’s sorority had a cousin who had to sell $300 worth of girl scout cookies or face getting kicked out of girl scouts. naturally our floor bought like 54 boxes. save the children!

we love giwl scout coowkies. here are the best (and only) flavors we like, in order of how much we like them:

1. thin mints

2. tagalongs

3. samoas

try topping thin mints with justin’s chocolate almond butter (kind of like nutella, but with almonds instead hazelnuts). sooooo good!

go get some of your own to support the girl scouts! m and i were girl scouts back in the day (i’m pretty sure i never got any badges), but mary wasn’t- apparently it’s not an asian thing. no surprise there.

xo charlotte


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