thank god…

25 Mar

it’s friday…

whew. this week was a struggle and a half. it’s always hard coming back from break, but this week was especially hard due to next year housing issues. i know that next week is going to be really rough due to three tests and a paper, so i figure that i better take a few hours this afternoon to relaaaaaaax.

my favorite part of the week is friday afternoons. i love snuggling under the covers in bed and watching all of the tv shows i didn’t watch during the week. this week i have real housewives of miami and oc, bethenny, and pretty little liars on tap. friday afternoons are typically the only time of the week that i watch tv, other than at the gym. as a side note, whyyyy are all the good shows (gossip girl, 90210, vampire diaries, etc.) on hiatus? so sad.

after i watch tv for a few hours, i may go to the gym, go out to dinner with friends, and go out for the night. or… i may just stay in bed and watch tv…

xo charlotte


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