24 Mar

we promised you some antics on this blog, and i don’t think we’ve really delivered on that promise yet. tonight is a typical example of something mary would do. mary signed up for our suite to be shown to freshmen before they choose which housing they want for next year. this means that someone has to be in our room from 8-10 p.m. OF COURSE mary did not consult with me on this, and i was not even notified that our room was on the tour until about ten minutes ago. mary has since decided that she “won’t be able to get any work done” in the room while the freshmen are looking at it, so she’s gone to the student center to hang out with friends and get nothing done do work for a few hours.  soo… guess who is forced to sit in the room ALONE for two hours then? moi. typical mary move. our relationship in a nutshell.

xo charlotte

this is mary. and charlotte is lying. i did not sign up for our suite to be shown to freshman. i was cornered by my RA and asked what i was going to be doing from 8-10 and when i said nothing, she asked if she could show them our room. i didn’t clarify that i would be doing nothing at the student center. i actually am doing something right now though…staring at all the hot fresh meat walking in since living down the hill means i do not get to check these boys out on a regular basis unfortunately. anyway the thing is, charlotte likes to complain that she haaaattess doing all this..when in reality she LOVES it. for example, when i went to pick up my books from our room she had the door propped open! i thought it was because our RA had asked her to, but she told me that it was her idea! she can’t wait to show off our room and her tidy little alcove.  she’s sitting at her desk, pretending to do work like the perfect student until some poor freshman walks in and then charlotte is going to chew their ear off with why they should live in our dorm! and she’s lying again when she says she’s alone. she’s not alone, because she forced our other friend to do work in our room so that she doesn’t look like she has no friends! this is charlotte in a nutshell…always exaggerating tsk tsk. and she forgot to mention the free pizza pie we will be getting thanks to me :) and i did consult her. i texted her and told her that our room was going to be shown to freshman so she should be there!

xo mary

mary, the part about you texting me about it is straight up FALSE. just checked through our bbm convo. the rest is (mostly) true. p.s. what is more sad- the fact that it’s true or the fact that we’re blog fighting ON OUR OWN BLOG?! also, did MARY really just say xo?! sooo not her style.

you know you love me,



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