23 Mar

gd’afternoon! for those of you who don’t know me in real life, i’m a HUGE prankster. i am incredibly sarcastic. i would estimate that approximately 98% of the things that come out of mouth are jokes. this is because i like to do something everyday to lighten the mood and laugh so hard that it hurts. it actually never ceases to amaze me that people believe my jokes slash pranks, because most of them are just ludicrous. incredibly unlikely and unbelievable.

i would say that i play at least one prank a day, but these are mini pranks. they can last anywhere from less than a minute to over an hour. also, i usually don’t plan them out ahead of time- they kind of just come to me. as you may know, april fool’s day is coming up. it’s next FRIDAY! t-9 days! i want to do something really big, so… i want YOUR help! please give me any ideas in the comments section. who knows, i may pick yours!

just a side note: i do NOT like when people play pranks on me. in fact, i HATE it. i know, such a double standard. one of the worst pranks someone ever played on me was when my absolute best friend and neighbor named cat told me that she was moving to california when we were about 8. i’m pretty sure i cried for a week. more recently, my roommates blindfolded and kidnapped me and threw me in a car for an hour-plus hell ride before taking me to my surprise party. scariest experience of my life. i hyperventilated and cried basically the entire night from the shock.

xo charlotte

p.s. where my other bloggahs at?! i’m like quadruple posting- awKwArD!


One Response to “jokester”

  1. lilly March 23, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    i would tell you to play a prank on m or mary because they are your good friends… but they will see this post so its not a good idea to tell you anything.
    but if you have someone that doesnt read this- do something to someones food or make someone something that is gross and make them think it is yummy :)

    love ya,

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